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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Poggio the Cat

I thought it was about time I introduced Poggio.

Poggio is my cat. My other baby! She's five this year. That's 37 in cat years so really she's older than me. She's definitely wiser.

I got her when she was eight weeks old from a lady whose pedigree Persian cat had escaped and got knocked up by the local tom. She was ridiculously cute (she still is). When I went to choose her I knew she was the one straight away. She had boggly eyes and my dad thought I should call her Marty Feldman. Instead I settled for Poggio.

She used to be a moody little bugger. Now she's too lazy to be moody. She gave me my first inkling that I might be pregnant with Daisy even before I'd had a positive pregnancy test result. Beforehand she would never come and sit on my lap like a normal cat. Instead she would attack my ankles and bite my toes. As soon as I got pregnant she went all soppy and turned into a proper lap cat. I think she knew that soon she would have competition for my affections so she decided she ought to be nice.

She hates Himself which I think is brilliant. As soon as she hears his car pull up on the driveway she shoots out of the cat flap faster than the speed of light and I barely see her again (apart from at dinnertime) until I'm home alone. When Himself is working a night shift, she sleeps in bed with me. I love that.

I worried about how her and Daisy would get on but I needn't have. They get on like a house on fire. Daisy knows where the cat treats are kept and is more than happy to get them out and throw them all over the kitchen floor. I think this makes her Pogg's best friend.

So there you are. The little grey and white fleabag that rules the roost. Now when I mention her you'll be able to put a face to the name ♥

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