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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

Daisy and I have had THE best girls day EVER!

We were up early today as we were supposed to be heading down to the coast to hunt for driftwood, shells and sea glass but we had a warning call to say that it was blowing a gale (and p-i-double s-ing it down) so we decided to stay indoors, nice and cosy and warm.

After a cooked breakfast and a creative morning making Valentine's cards (a post on those to come! ---- we can't disclose any info until the cards have been delivered!) we developed a bit of cabin fever and decided to head out in the car to Syon Park Tropical Zoo in Brentford (those of you that are from around here and are about my age may remember it as The Butterfly House).

What a brilliant place! I did wonder whether Daisy would be too young and we would end up just paying the garden centre next door a visit but I needn't have worried. We got there just in time to see all the animals and creepy crawlies getting fed their lunch (including the pirahna fish!) and then stayed to meet some of the animals too!

Daisy said hello to:

some turtles

some huuuuuge koi carp

and some lizards, as well as:

 a tarantula (we kept our distance from this one!!!!)

an owl ♥

and a seven stone giant tortoise (and her baby). I even held a gecko! (Yes I know its tiny, but I did stroke all the others!!!!)

There was also marmosets, ferrets, chickens, parrots and giant African snails!

The majority of the animals at the Tropical Zoo have been rescued from the illegal pet trade and didn't have a very nice start in life, so it was lovely to see them all happy and healthy and it was just brilliant to be able to get up close to them!

Of course, with it being a girls day out, we HAD to stop off in the gift shop on our way out and madam chose a cuddly snake to take home. She must have been paying attention at the Animal Encounters show as the first thing she did once we'd paid for it was wrap it round her neck like the zoo keeper had!

If anyone is interested in visiting,  I can't recommend it highly enough! Have a look at their website for more info.


  1. Looks like you had a really good day. Such a good experience for little ones. Have you been to Odds Farm Park out towards Wooburn ?http://www.oddsfarm.co.uk/index.php also fab for young children.
    And Kew has Climbers and Creepers is great too.

  2. Looks like a lovely day!!Daisy the snake charmer is super cute as always x

    Every time I drive past Housnlow urban farm I'm dying to go in to see the piggies and the donkeys! Just a little bit longer until Madam is big enough!

  3. Am going to take her to a farm next! Not heard of Odds Farm but am off to have a look at their website now, thanks Claire!

    Hounslow is supposed to be really good Aileen, we should take the girls there in the summer :) First birthday treat for Roisin x


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