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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Gallery---- Hair

Happy birthday to The Gallery! Tara's brilliant weekly post is O N E this week, and to celebrate I have been browsing through all the entries posted before I started blogging! I LOVE the 7 Deadly Sins and Before & After themes from last year, wish I'd been around to take part!

This week we have been given the theme of HAIR and as always I am so looking forward to seeing everyone's entries!!

I was really excited when this theme was announced; I fully intended to completely embarrass myself by sharing a photographic time line of all the god-awful hair cuts and colours I have had throughout the ages. There have been LOTS of disasters, trust me. Sun In (remember that stuff?) peroxide blonde badger stripes, a red bob (when I wanted to look like Claire Danes in My So Called Life) and my hairdresser's attempt at The Jennifer - Jennifer Anniston's famous layered cut from the mid 1990s; my version looked as if someone had shoved a bowl on my head and cut round it.

However, said cringeworthy timeline just wasn't meant to be - my scanner is out of action and photos of photos just don't cut the mustard. If you're going to humiliate yourself, you've got to do it properly!

So with lovely images of a ginger/pudding basin-ed/badger striped me in your head, let me move on to my actual entry this week. Daisy's hair.

I had AWFUL heartburn throughout my pregnancy so I had my suspicions that Daisy was going to have lots of hair. I was right. It was hard to miss her great big mop of black hair sticking up all over the place when she was born. It was unbelievable! 

Although its a lot fairer now, she still has lots of it and it still has a mind of its own. Her bed / hat head is always a picture and is guaranteed to make me smile!

This is one of my favourite photos of her EVER. It was taken when she sat up by herself for the first time when she was about five months old. Look at that barnet!!!!!!!!


I Love Paris in the Springtime

You may have heard me casually tweet about Paris of late. "Yahh, just popping over to Parriieeee on the Eurostar next week to do a spot of shopping, dahhhhling" - that kind of thing. Heh heh.

Well the truth is, I AM just popping over to Paris on the Eurostar to do a bit of shopping! And a bit of sight seeing. And a touch of photo taking. And a spot of vin drinking, naturellement!

Myself and a friend decided that to get out of London for the day would be awesome - and to get out of the country for the day would be even better!

So we booked a day off work, booked ourselves on the Eurostar and made a list of all the things we want to do and see during the nine hours we have there. And our itinerary looks a little bit like this.....

1.  Pere-Lachaise Cemetery. Sounds a bit morbid I know but I have been before and it really is one of the most beautiful places. I'm planning on taking  the Big Camera and am hoping for some good shots here. Jim Morrison is buried here, as is Chopin and Oscar Wilde and many others. If anyone else is heading to Paris anytime soon I would definitely recommend it.

2. A boat trip along the Seine, past Notre Dame up to the Eiffel Tower.

3. A fleeting visit to the Rodin Museum (Rodin is one of my favourite sculptors) and the Musee de l'Orangerie to admire Monet's Waterlillies.

4. A spot of window shopping along the Champs Elysees.

5. A Metro journey up to Pigalle and a wander through the flea markets of Montmartre up to Sacre Coeur.

If anyone can recommend any good restaurants, I will be mega grateful. Preferably ones that are slightly off the beaten track - but in one of the districts we will be visiting. (I might even send you a postcard to say thank you!)

I am ridiculously excited. R i d i c u l o u s l y. The weather forecast for the end of next week is in the early twenties and I am praying it stays like that for my visit.

I love Paris, always have. I first visited the City as an art student in the late 1990s and went back at least two or three times a year for the subsequent few years. It has now been nine years since I was last there and it has suddenly dawned on me how much I have missed it!

Eight more sleeps!!


Monday, 28 March 2011

Shoes, Shoes, Lovely Shoes

I have been shopping.

And I am in love, in L O V E I tell you!!!!

With a pair of shoes.

I'm not normally a shoe girl - in fact the last time I got excited about a pair of shoes was when I bought Daisy her first pair of pink converse. 

But with Spring having now well and truly sprung, I decided it was time for my trusty winter Uggs to go into hibernation and I bought myself these beauties.....

Aren't they just gorgeous?

They are from TopShop, the product name is 'Virginia' and they cost a bargain £26!

I need a pair of flats for my upcoming trip to Paris (more on that tomorrow!) and thought these would be perfect for all the sight seeing and shopping I plan on doing. So summery!

Now I need to buy an outfit to go with them! Hehehe.


Saturday, 26 March 2011

What's In Your Handbag?

One of my favourite blogs at the mo is Elsiecake's A Beautiful Mess. She recently shared the contents of her handbag with her readers, and being a nosey cow I loved it. I want to know what E V E R Y O N E has in their bags - so prepare yourselves for a long tag list once I've emptied mine for you! (if you're not there and you want to be, let me know!)

Introducing my beloved and well used Mulberry Bayswater. Himself bought me this for my 30th birthday; yes I was very impressed and he got a LOT of brownie points!

Its bloody huge and everyone calls it my Mary Poppins bag because of the monumental amount of crap I always seem to carry around in it.

Soooo.... whats inside it then, I hear you ask.

1. My pink notebook - used daily for scribbling lists and blog ideas and SSSS orders down.

2. My lovely (and ancient) brown leather Filofax. No matter how much I try to embrace the modern, digital age, I just can't be persuaded to give it up. It has all my diary entries in it, and all my addresses. I wouldn't be able to function without it.

3. In complete contrast - my iPhone. Another thing I couldn't function without. It has all my work stored on there, and shortcuts to all the blogs I regularly read. Not only that but I have a serious amount of photography apps on there which I would miss like anything if I suddenly became iPhone-less.

4. My pretty Cath Kidston make up bag - containing some Benefit Bad Gal mascara and black kohl pencil and No 7 Translucent Powder. Thats my daytime make up pretty much sorted these days.

5. Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes. Nuff said.

6. My purse - a recent purchase from Accessorize. Its not got any money in it but it does have my fully loaded Starbucks card and oyster!

7. Some Bath & Body Works Island Nectar PocketBac. England seriously needs a Bath & Body Works store. Whenever I go to America I stock up and buy silly amounts. I'm a wee bit obsessed with antibacterial hand sanitiser but the regular stuff you get over here smells of vodka. This smells bloody lovely. Think nectarines and lillies. They do antibacterial hand cream in the same scents. Genius.

8. Not one, but TWO pairs of Raybans. My aviators and my wayfarers. Because I can never decide which one I want to wear. And sometimes I change my mind. You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses in your handbag!

9. A narabug. Of course! Doesn't everyone have one in their handbag?

10. My iPhone earphones. For those long walks when (if) madam falls asleep. Or for when I'm out and about on my own generally. I panic whenever I leave my earphones at home. Travelling without music is torture.

11. Keys. These are usually lost so it was quite a treat to find them in my handbag, where they are supposed to be, for once!

So there you have it. The contents of my handbag! Now... whats in yours?

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ta dah!!!!!

Hello, hello! Welcome to the new and improved Modern Mummy blog! Go and get yourself a cup of tea and a slice of cake before getting comfortable on the sofa with your laptop and checking out all its lovely new features.

I have a shiny new side bar now! Oooooooh.

Want to know a bit about me? Click on the button!

Want to look at all the Foodie Friday recipes I've published to date? There's a button for that too!

How about all my pregnancy and parenting related posts? They are now all filed together under one roof!

All the photos I've ever taken and my entire catalogue of entries to The Gallery and Silent Sunday? Ditto.

There are also sections for my product reviews, and for things to do in my home town of Richmond-upon-Thames as well as a place for all my Modern Mummy Loves.... posts. Go on - have a peak! 

There's a Modern Mummy specific google search bar on the right hand side too!

And look at my new social media buttons! Ahhhhhhh.

Want to join the Modern Mummy Facebook fan page? Click on the F!

Want to know what I'm doing every second of every day? Follow me on Twitter by hitting the T!

Want to know what this Pinterest thing is that I keep banging on about? Click the P - and if you want an invite to join Pinterest too then click on "Email Me" and ask for one!

This fab new site has been put together by the  v e r y  clever and wonderfully creative Liz at Violet Posy. If you are interested in a blog makeover too then head over to her website and speak to the lovely lady herself.

In the meantime I hope you like what you see; let me know what you think!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Modern Mummy Loves.....

It's cold and rainy in London today - but its F R I D A Y and I can't wait for the weekend! I had an unexpected mid week day off work this week which has left me in high spirits so I thought I would share the things that have made me happy with you!

1. Getting to spend Wednesday AND Thursday with my Daisy Moo. I can't bear leaving her when I go to work, so when our childcare arrangements fell through on Wednesday I was very pleased to get an impromptu day off work (even if I did have to take it as holiday!). We didn't do anything special, just the usual food shop and housework and a couple of walks through the park! It was lovely to have an extra day with her!

2. Liz at Violet Posy! (hehehee) The Modern Mummy blog is getting a full makeover in the coming weeks and I am very very very excited! Did I mention I am excited? 

3. Steiff bears. I really am completely head over heels in love with them! We have bought one for our Godson who is getting Christened on Sunday. I spent hours in the shop deliberating which one to get, I wanted to buy them all! Maybe I'll get one for Daisy.... and another for myself!

5. Coast Magazine. 'Because life is better by the sea'! What a byline. I have read March's issue from cover to cover and want to live by the sea even more than ever now. I'm not due to visit the coast again for another three weeks and already I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Hope you all have a good weekend xxKaty

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Missing: Reward for Safe Return!

Missing: One knackered, bashed-to-pieces white iPhone 3GS.

Last seen in the hands of a certain sixteen month old at around 10am this morning.

On silent and wearing silicon skin therefore not only can I not hear it ring, I cannot hear it vibrate either.

Have searched the entire house from top to bottom with no joy. Now am trying to think logically. Where would a toddler hide a phone....?

Anyone got any ideas?

A Meme---- Fill in the Blanks

Hurrah! A Meme! I've been tagged by Mummy Walker at Love You Buckets. Here are my answers....

I am….
Desperate to live by the sea. In fact desperate doesn't cut it; I ache to live by the sea. Whenever I go down to the coast for a few days I actually want to burst into tears when I set off on the long drive home.
Heavier than I have been in a g e s. But I'm also happier than I've been in a g e s. Pre-Daisy I was a tidy 9 stone. Needless to say I weigh a wee bit more than that these days! But I eat healthily and I am f i n a l l y happy with my new body.
Loud. Not intentionally. People often say they have to hold their phones away from their ears when I call them. I can't help it. I just have a big gob.
Prepared to do anything for my friends and family. I love them. I will go out of my way to help them in any way I can.

The bravest thing I have ever done…
Is to give birth to Madam. I have to confess I was bricking it throughout my entire pregnancy. Of course I realised that women have done it since the dawn of time - and some have done it more than once! - so it couldn't be all bad. And it really wasn't. The adrenalin and the excitement of being so close to meeting my little person got me through!

I feel prettiest when…
I am comfortable. And that tends to involve flat shoes/boots/wellies and chunky knits! Whenever I get glammed up for a night out I get stressed.... my make up never looks how I want it to and I spend the evening pulling my top up or making sure I'm not flashing anyone. I much prefer being in comfy clothes - which don't have to be old sacks I hasten to add! I still like to make a bit of an effort!

Something that keeps me awake at night…
Is worrying about money and my family. And also my phone keeps me up a fair bit. I am a Scrabble addict. There, I said it. Sometimes I can't put the bloody thing down, even though its half past midnight and I have to get up for work at seven the next morning (I need a full eight hours don't you know!)

My favourite meal is…
either a 400g filet steak, medium rare, served with horseradish mash, wilted spinach and grilled portobello mushrooms
OR a great big F off cheeseboard. The smellier the better.

The way to my heart is…
With something simple and thoughtful. Or edible. I am not one to be impressed with expensive presents or flashy cars or exotic holidays to far away countries. If someone has really thought about me and what I like, then I melt. One of my favourite presents ever was from my brother's ex girlfriend. I collect Emma Bridgewater, and when Daisy was born she bought me a polka heart mug with 'Mummy' written on it. I cried!

I would like to be…
A Stay At Home / Work At Home Mum. Going out to work three days a week kills me. I hate leaving my little monkey with Himself or one of her grannies. Not because I don't trust them - of course I do! But because I hate missing out on things. Yesterday whilst we were in Sainsbury's Daisy pointed to the radishes and sang "mememememeeeee" (Mr Bloom's Nursery anyone?). I thought it was hilarious and phoned Himself to tell him. Only to be told she has been singing that at radishes for over a week. My heart broke a little bit.

Now for the nosey bit! I want to see others fill in the blanks! Over to you.... Uber Mummy, Jo at Witterings of the Overtired and Liz at Violet Posy!


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Modern Mummy Loves....

Here are the things I ♥ L O V E ♥ at the moment....

H&M kidswear. More specifically H&M boys wear! Poor Daisy has been kitted out in lots of gear from their boys wear range this week but I still think she looks cute and girlie---- and C O O L x

Daisy is wearing a Ramones t-shirt - £5.99 and a pair of red Converse-style
trainers - £4.99, both from H&M. Jeans from Gap

My brand new shiny Facebook page for She Sells Sea Shells. If you haven't already then check it out and 'like' it---- pretty please! And place an order too if you like! Hand painted, personalised driftwood signs and blocks; perfect for Fifth Wedding Anniversaries (the traditional gift is wood) and to make your house and garden look pretty!

Brown paper packages tied up with string. No I'm not talking about The Sound of Music- I am talking about the lovely packaging I have planned for She Sells Sea Shells! New business cards and tags coming soon :)

Jack Wills socks. JACK WILLS SOCKS! I can't get enough of them; lovely patterns and thick and cosy and heard wearing and long! I just counted and I have twelve pairs. I need more

The new Emma Bridgewater Royal Wedding crockery. I always love EB but the new Kate & Wills stuff is lovely.... Good work, Matthew! I shall be placing an order for the commemorative mug very soon. Now roll on the bank holiday wedding weekend ;)

Last, but by no means least, I love my bed. I think I am beginning to suffer from SAD; I just need this winter to end! But being cosy and warm in bed in my jammies and having cuddles with my Daisy Moo is heaven xxxx

Fussy Eaters

I love my food. (Had you noticed?!)

Himself loves his food too.

We eat anything and everything and both of us love to cook and experiment with ingredients (Foodie Friday anyone?).

When we started weaning Madam she took to everything too. It was hardly surprising given her parents. Curries, chillis, fish, different cheeses. She didn't turn her nose up at anything we offered her.

Now, at aged sixteen months, she has become fussy. In fact fussy is an understatement. Aside from cake (I am her mother after all), there are only two things it is guaranteed that she will eat.

Peas and yoghurts.

When I ask her what she would like for dinner, I am met with an over excited high pitched squeal of "PEEEAAAAAAAAAAA" (she can't say yoghurt yet).

Given the chance I bet she would eat them together as well.

If there are peas on her plate or in a recipe she will pick them out one by one and very slowly devour them all. If she isn't given any peas she will look up at me, all big puppy dog eyes, and say quietly "pea?" as if I am being the devil mother for not giving her any.

Of course she is eating other stuff, but it takes a lot of persuasion. She refuses to be spoon fed these days and is just getting to grips with using cutlery so I have been trying to offer her food that is easy for her to feed herself (we have always tried to follow baby led weaning so this is no different to how things were before). I do give her vegetables other than peas I hasten to add.

I am hopeful that this is a phase. Otherwise I will be looking into buying shares in Birds Eye. Has anyone else been through something similar?


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Gallery: Simple Pleasures

The theme for The Gallery this week is Simple Pleasures.

My simple pleasure is baking (and eating!) cakes. There is something so satisfying about creating an edible masterpiece; cakes make people happy. Fact.

They don't have to be perfect, its the love and the time and the effort that has gone into making a cake that makes it so special.

Here are a few of my creations:

And some that I didn't make (because patisserie bought cakes are another one of my simple pleasures):

What's yours?

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dolly the Miniature Jack Russell: Children and Pets

Meet Dolly. She's a miniature Jack Russell. Isn't she gorgeous?! She's eight weeks old and belongs to my sister. I met her for the first time yesterday and fell instantly in love.

Himself and I have wanted a dog since way before I got preggers with Daisy. We have always said we would like a small dog, something friendly that could grow up with our family and would get on with Poggio the Cat. We put things on hold whilst I was pregnant and when Daisy was little but now she's a little bit older I have to confess I'm very, very tempted to get her a furry four legged friend. Especially after watching her and Dolly playing together yesterday afternoon. It was the cutest thing E V E R. 

I'm a responsible adult; I know that a dog is for life and not just for Christmas. I would never take on a pet and give it away when I got bored of it. I am aware that getting a puppy would be like having another child - plus there would be all manner of things to take into consideration - training, walks, vets bills, holidays.

So I just wondered whether any of you have dogs? Or did you grow up with a dog? And what are your thoughts on children and pets?  xKaty
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