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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dolly the Miniature Jack Russell: Children and Pets

Meet Dolly. She's a miniature Jack Russell. Isn't she gorgeous?! She's eight weeks old and belongs to my sister. I met her for the first time yesterday and fell instantly in love.

Himself and I have wanted a dog since way before I got preggers with Daisy. We have always said we would like a small dog, something friendly that could grow up with our family and would get on with Poggio the Cat. We put things on hold whilst I was pregnant and when Daisy was little but now she's a little bit older I have to confess I'm very, very tempted to get her a furry four legged friend. Especially after watching her and Dolly playing together yesterday afternoon. It was the cutest thing E V E R. 

I'm a responsible adult; I know that a dog is for life and not just for Christmas. I would never take on a pet and give it away when I got bored of it. I am aware that getting a puppy would be like having another child - plus there would be all manner of things to take into consideration - training, walks, vets bills, holidays.

So I just wondered whether any of you have dogs? Or did you grow up with a dog? And what are your thoughts on children and pets?  xKaty


  1. Awww what a cute little dog. We were considering getting a puppy but my eldest doesn't seem to like dogs. I've always had cats growing up and we're thinking of getting a kitten soon. Good luck if you do get a puppy. My little girl loves animals and it is really cute to see them playing with them.

  2. Hi darling. Well i've always grown up with dogs and loved having them around. My parents currently have 5, yes, 5 dogs!! I think they are a great thing for any child to have, especially little terriers because they are so hardy, so can withstand constant playing with a child that has endless amounts of energy. I say go for it, you have a great garden so they will always be happy and because Pogg is older she will always be in charge and will be able to put the puppy in it's place.

    P.s. I will always be on hand to take it if you want to go on holiday - especially if you get a miniature Jack Russell!!


  3. Thanks for stopping by today...Love that your Princess used to sit on your armchair and watch the telly...Really made me chuckle.

    How cute is your sisters puppy! We have a dog aswell as our chckens. A boxer called Luna who we have had since she was 8 weeks old. Luna is 10yrs this year and I'm soooo glad the kids nagged, I mean talked me in to getting her because she is such a great companion to the children...They adore her and she follows them everywhere x


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