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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fussy Eaters

I love my food. (Had you noticed?!)

Himself loves his food too.

We eat anything and everything and both of us love to cook and experiment with ingredients (Foodie Friday anyone?).

When we started weaning Madam she took to everything too. It was hardly surprising given her parents. Curries, chillis, fish, different cheeses. She didn't turn her nose up at anything we offered her.

Now, at aged sixteen months, she has become fussy. In fact fussy is an understatement. Aside from cake (I am her mother after all), there are only two things it is guaranteed that she will eat.

Peas and yoghurts.

When I ask her what she would like for dinner, I am met with an over excited high pitched squeal of "PEEEAAAAAAAAAAA" (she can't say yoghurt yet).

Given the chance I bet she would eat them together as well.

If there are peas on her plate or in a recipe she will pick them out one by one and very slowly devour them all. If she isn't given any peas she will look up at me, all big puppy dog eyes, and say quietly "pea?" as if I am being the devil mother for not giving her any.

Of course she is eating other stuff, but it takes a lot of persuasion. She refuses to be spoon fed these days and is just getting to grips with using cutlery so I have been trying to offer her food that is easy for her to feed herself (we have always tried to follow baby led weaning so this is no different to how things were before). I do give her vegetables other than peas I hasten to add.

I am hopeful that this is a phase. Otherwise I will be looking into buying shares in Birds Eye. Has anyone else been through something similar?



  1. We are in the same boat!! Amelie is 17 months and has always eaten anything as well until last week...... Now its yogerts and tomato pasta only!!! and of course all things sweet like cakes etc.. every meal time is a mini battle!!! I always imagined my child would be the one sat in wagamamas yumming down a chicken ramen!! Ha Ha!! xx

  2. My oldest friends daughter was mixed weaned, spoon loaded puree's with finger food on the side and ate absolutely anything. Since turning the magical 2 she has become a cheesy pasta monster, with various favourite other things depending on the day. My friend just goes with the flow, she thinks it's all part of exerting herself and her personality.


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