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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Gallery---- Hair

Happy birthday to The Gallery! Tara's brilliant weekly post is O N E this week, and to celebrate I have been browsing through all the entries posted before I started blogging! I LOVE the 7 Deadly Sins and Before & After themes from last year, wish I'd been around to take part!

This week we have been given the theme of HAIR and as always I am so looking forward to seeing everyone's entries!!

I was really excited when this theme was announced; I fully intended to completely embarrass myself by sharing a photographic time line of all the god-awful hair cuts and colours I have had throughout the ages. There have been LOTS of disasters, trust me. Sun In (remember that stuff?) peroxide blonde badger stripes, a red bob (when I wanted to look like Claire Danes in My So Called Life) and my hairdresser's attempt at The Jennifer - Jennifer Anniston's famous layered cut from the mid 1990s; my version looked as if someone had shoved a bowl on my head and cut round it.

However, said cringeworthy timeline just wasn't meant to be - my scanner is out of action and photos of photos just don't cut the mustard. If you're going to humiliate yourself, you've got to do it properly!

So with lovely images of a ginger/pudding basin-ed/badger striped me in your head, let me move on to my actual entry this week. Daisy's hair.

I had AWFUL heartburn throughout my pregnancy so I had my suspicions that Daisy was going to have lots of hair. I was right. It was hard to miss her great big mop of black hair sticking up all over the place when she was born. It was unbelievable! 

Although its a lot fairer now, she still has lots of it and it still has a mind of its own. Her bed / hat head is always a picture and is guaranteed to make me smile!

This is one of my favourite photos of her EVER. It was taken when she sat up by herself for the first time when she was about five months old. Look at that barnet!!!!!!!!



  1. She is just lovely!

    And I LOVE that you wanted to look like Claire Danes! I did too. x

  2. what a sweetie.


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