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Friday, 18 March 2011

Modern Mummy Loves.....

It's cold and rainy in London today - but its F R I D A Y and I can't wait for the weekend! I had an unexpected mid week day off work this week which has left me in high spirits so I thought I would share the things that have made me happy with you!

1. Getting to spend Wednesday AND Thursday with my Daisy Moo. I can't bear leaving her when I go to work, so when our childcare arrangements fell through on Wednesday I was very pleased to get an impromptu day off work (even if I did have to take it as holiday!). We didn't do anything special, just the usual food shop and housework and a couple of walks through the park! It was lovely to have an extra day with her!

2. Liz at Violet Posy! (hehehee) The Modern Mummy blog is getting a full makeover in the coming weeks and I am very very very excited! Did I mention I am excited? 

3. Steiff bears. I really am completely head over heels in love with them! We have bought one for our Godson who is getting Christened on Sunday. I spent hours in the shop deliberating which one to get, I wanted to buy them all! Maybe I'll get one for Daisy.... and another for myself!

5. Coast Magazine. 'Because life is better by the sea'! What a byline. I have read March's issue from cover to cover and want to live by the sea even more than ever now. I'm not due to visit the coast again for another three weeks and already I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Hope you all have a good weekend xxKaty

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  1. I love Steiff, too! We bought my son Elmar, which was a happy medium. He's jointed, but not made of mohair and so I'm not afriad to let him be played with. My son calls him Bing and loves him :)


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