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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Modern Mummy Loves....

It's the weekend! Hurrah! And to celebrate I'm publishing a Modern Mummy Loves music special this morning! It's GOT to be a good day when these A C E tunes come on one after the other when your iPod's on shuffle.....

Track 1. Sandy Shaw - Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself. Oh how I enjoyed belting this one out at the top of my voice first thing this morning! I'm not sure Daisy, or my neighbours for that matter, appreciated it though....

Track 2. Kula Shaker - 303. Oh My God. Cue prancing round the room in my underwear doing a spot of highly inappropriate and cringe worthy air guitar playing.

Track 3. Lissie - Oh Mississippi. One word. Awesome. Two words. Girl Crush. I heart this song so much. And this woman. Lissie is just too cool for words.

Track 4. Beck - Beercan. Daisy enjoyed this one too. We had a little dance together. I'd not heard this song in about six years before today. How brilliant is Beck. I am putting his Mellow Gold album on now!

Hope you all have lovely weekends and all you Mummies get spoilt tomorrow xx

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