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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


All packed and ready to go!

Just a quickie from me today............. myself, Himself and Daisy Moo are off on our holibobs; we'll be back in a week.

I'll still be posting a Foodie Friday recipe this week (thanks to Blogger scheduling---- I am leaving the laptop at home while we're away!!) and thought I would use this post to send you in the direction of some of my favourite blogs.....

Why not have a read of UberMummy's blog for your fashion, fitness, health and beauty fix? Or head over to Violet Posy for some shabby chic lifestyle inspiration. Fellow Bridezillas and/or soppy and/or creative romantics, you could also check out Ruffled for some beautiful vintage wedding stories and DIY wedding ideas.

And on that note I'm off to wallow in some bubbles and get an early night in before my alarm goes off at 4am. Don't miss me too much!! xoxox

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Katie's Cake Pops

I got a parcel this morning. A PARCEL! That would be an item of post that is bigger than an envelope. And not a bill! I was very excited, firstly because I wasn't expecting anything and had no idea who it was from and secondly because I had to sign for it!!

Cue lots of eye rolling from Himself.

"What have you been ordering off the internet now? Another Emma Bridgewater mug? More teapots?"

I swore blind I'd not been pilfering from the joint account again but I could tell he didn't believe me. And for a split second, as I was unwrapping my lovely parcel, I wondered whether I actually had ordered something from the internet and forgotten about it.

And then, nestled amongst tissue paper and bubble wrap, appeared ten gorgeous cake pops, a present from my lovely friend Emily to celebrate me and Himself's recent engagement.

(Note: I was very smug at this point; "SEE!" I declared to Himself. "I've not been spending again! As if I would spend money from the joint account on my Emma Bridgewater addiction. Cough cough. I can't BELIEVE don't you trust me!!!")

The cake pops were from Katie's Cake Pops, a business set up by my friend Katie Witherden after friends suggested she start selling the pops she had been making for fun. Katie makes, designs and decorates all the cake pops herself and they really are absolutely stunning - and taste bloody delicious too. How amazing are the ones I got today? Little tiny brides, wedding cakes and hearts; all decorated with edible sparkle and pink hearts and pearls. Beautiful. I almost didn't want to eat them, they were that pretty. But of course I did, because I am a fat pig cake addict. And I'm bloody glad that I did too because they were absolutely divine.

Here are a few more shots from her Gallery:

How  A C E  are they?! I seriously think they are the most awesome things I have ever seen and tasted. 

Make sure you check out the Katie's Cake Pops Facebook fanpage here ---- and place yourself an order! Katie makes cake pops for every occasion and delivers all over the UK.

Er.... my health kick was supposed to start today but now, three pops later, I am going to have to postpone until tomorrow...... What a shame! xoxox

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Oh lovely lovely lovely Emma Bridgewater!

Today Daisy and I went for a drive to Fulham. To number 739 Fulham Road to be exact. The Emma Bridgewater shop; my favourite shop in the W H O L E   W I D E   W O R L D.

It was the Collector's Club Christmas Preview---- a chance for us collectors to see what gorgeous new products will be coming out in the Autumn. Of course I wasn't disappointed!

Among the new stuff there are new bird and dog mugs (including a pug, yay!), new shape cappuccino cups, some fantastic new half pint candle mugs (why have they never made large candles before?!), new shapes in the recent Sampler pattern, some new Retro mugs, a new British Isles pattern in blue and the most beautiful new Christmas Sampler pattern for Christmas 2011. The piece de resistance was the Mince Pie Plate in Christmas Sampler, which will be produced in a limited run for collectors only. I think it goes without saying that my name is already on the waiting list!

Here are a few sneaky photos of some of the new pieces....

The Christmas Sampler - including a cake plate, comport, gravy jug and stand, pudding bowl, serving bowl and the infamous mince pie plate....

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And last but not least, a wee glimpse at the gorgeous Pug mug!

I came home with a full place setting in Sampler, a polka and stripes mug and a Peace & Love mug.

Is it bad that I can't wait for Christmas already?!


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Modern Mummy Loves.....

I've not done a Modern Mummy Loves.... post in aaaaaaaaages. I'm mega happy and loving lots at the moment. Here's a few of the things that are putting a smile on my face.

1. Porridge.

I don't care if its summer, porridge is just awesome. I made my own summer version this morning---- I added a whole grated apple, a whole grated pear and some finely chopped banana. I'm looking forward to breakfast tomorrow so I can have the same again!

2. Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter.

 Holy mother of God. This stuff is amazing. Only costs £2.50 and cures sore baby bums within an hour AND---- even BETTER---- if you use it on your face it makes your skin positively glow. My best beauty buy ever.

3. Bubble Baths.

We all love bathtime in this house. Daisy is a big fan of splashing about and flooding the bathroom with water. I prefer to wallow in a s-c-o-r-c-h-i-o, super deep, delicious smelling bubble filled bath, and stay in there until the water is cold and my skin is all wrinkly. L O V E.

4. Miles Kane.

I bought his album 'Colour of The Trap' a month or so ago but never got round to listening to it. I have had it on repeat this last week; it is freaking awesome. I fancy him a little bit too. Have yourselves a wee listen of his current single 'Rearrange' (and perve over him too if you so desire) xoxox


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bridezilla: Wedding Dress Shopping Trip Numero Uno

Last week I went wedding dress shopping with my bridesmaids. W E D D I N G   D R E S S   S H O P P I N G. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 

I set off into London town with a rough idea of the style I was after and well aware of my budget but jeeeeesus! How easy is it to get carried away!? I very nearly talked myself into spending four times the amount I wanted to on a meringue (definitely not the style I had in mind).

And what an education! I'm now fluent in the language of bridal dressmaking. 'Mermaid' cut, 'bateau' necklines, 'mantilla veils'. I know what they all mean! Go on, test me!

I had to blog about two absolutely gorgeous and beautiful and wonderful boutiques we visited. The third one, which shall remain nameless for the time-being, I won't waste my breath on!

First up, Candy Anthony in OXO Tower Wharf on South Bank. My idea of dress heaven. Candy Anthony handmake vintage inspired tea length bridal gowns and evening wear and use UK sourced materials wherever possible. I'm very passionate about supporting British workers and buying British goods.

I had an appointment with Rachel, who was an absolute legend. I told her what I thought I wanted, she produced my dream dress---- and then got me to try on lots of other dresses, gradually getting further away from the style I had originally wanted. I tried on eight altogether. They were all bloody gorgeous. But it was the third one I tried that I loved the most. (I can't go into details in case Himself is reading this). Check out their client album though and look at all the beautiful brides they have dressed. I could for hours. Wow.

Secondly we visited Fur Coat No Knickers, on Kingly Court off Carnaby Street. Another absolute gem. This store sells geniune vintage wedding dresses ranging from the 1930s to the 1960s which Laura and Emma can re-size and customise, as well as beautiful vintage - and new, vintage style - accessories. I have never seen such beautiful clutch bags and birdcages. And the dresses were out of this world. I can't wait to go back and try some on when I'm back from holiday.

If you're thinking of visiting either of these shops (and I strongly recommend you do!!) then make sure you phone ahead and book yourselves in. Candy Anthony is strictly by appointment only and although you can pop into Fur Coat No Knickers and look at the accessories, you need an appointment to try on dresses. Their contact details are on their websites. Happy shopping, fellow Bridezillas! xoxox
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