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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Naked Grocer, Walton on Thames

Today Daisy and I have mostly been getting ready for her Hallowe'en themed 2nd birthday party this weekend. And what Hallowe'en party is complete without pumpkins?

We headed over to The Naked Grocer in Walton to buy a huge stash of pumpkins and squashes ready for carving over the next few days and we couldn't resist blogging about our favourite greengrocer.

The Naked Grocer is a family run shop on Bridge Street which has been open since September 2009. I ♥love♥ them, not just because the shop is absolutely gorgeous and a real pleasure to browse around and spend money in ~ aside from fruit and veg they also sell flowers, fresh bread, local cheeses and lots of other lovely treats ~ but also because of their ethical and responsible views which are very important to me and which I think should be to everyone else in this day and age too.

Aside from selling the tastiest and freshest fruit and veg you will ever come across without growing your own, I think their concern for the environment (you won't find any vacuum packaging or plastic bags here and the company are huge advocates of recycling) and their support of local growers are their two biggest selling points. Plus Chris, Millie and all the staff really know their stuff and the customer service is second to none.

And the PUMPKINS! What can I say? They are cheaper than the supermarket, grown in sunny Cambridgeshire and superb quality (not just grown for carving, these bad boys are huge and fleshy and perfect for pumpkin pies and soups and packed full of seeds for toasting!). Large ones are £2.50, small ones £1.50 and squashes start at £1.00. It would be a crime for you not to pop down there and buy some!

For those of you a bit too far away to pay The Naked Grocer a visit - why not check out their website, it's full of information on what's in season and has monthly recipe ideas too. The Naked Grocer are also on Twitter. Follow them here.


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  1. lovely looking pumpkins, i think i shall be carving one this weekend :)
    have a fab party!


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