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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Make Your Own Christmas Wreath / Willow Heart

In my opinion, making your own Christmas wreath is one of the most festive things you can do. Especially if you are drinking mulled wine, eating mince pies and watching Elf on the telly while you do it. I used to buy them from my local florist but for the last two years I have made my own and it's a tradition that I plan to continue.

It's so easy and fun - and cheap - to do, plus you have the added bonus of getting your perfect wreath at the end of your craft session. Or a not so perfect one (which is sometimes even better!) if you involve the kids!

I personally don't like round wreaths, and neither do I like ones covered in evergreens, which limits you somewhat when choosing a ready made one. I decided to start making my own when I saw a plain willow heart for sale in my local garden centre. The heart has lasted me three Christmases so far and it hangs in my house all year round, with different seasonal decorations as the months change. Well worth it's £6.99 price tag methinks.

What you need.
You can either make your own wreath using strong wire (or a metal coathanger) and intertwining willow branches around it (tying up with florist wire, gardening string or more willow) - or you can buy your own willow heart from a craft shop or garden centre. Mine is a Gisela Graham heart which I bought from Squires.
You also need a selection of greenery - I pinched two sprigs of holly from my local park (shhh, don't tell anyone) and used some of the offcuts of my Christmas tree.
I also made my own gold pine cones last year - I simply spray painted them gold and attached florists wire to the base which I could then in turn wind round my wreath.

What to do.
There is no right or wrong answer here. You simply have to use your imagination and creative flair to decorate your heart/wreath as you wish. I didn't use any string or wire (save for on the pine cones) and just poked sprigs of Christmas tree and holly into the willow twigs. You could also use ivy, mistletoe, eucalyptus or any other greenery you like, plus of course you could decorate with material, tree decorations - anything. The world is your lobster.
Once you are happy with your heart, tie a big bit of festive ribbon around the base.

Here is our finished Christmas heart. Beats your standard round one any day, eh?




  1. I love this and must pop it on my list to do next year

  2. Thanks for sharing - it looks really lovely and a real bargain for sure!

  3. looks beautiful :)


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