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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Let the Potty Training Commence....

Happy new year one, happy new year all! I hope you had super wonderful Christmases; Daisy and I certainly did.

With every new year comes new years resolutions. Aside from the usual detox and great plans for Modern Mummy (more on that under a separate post) my main resolution this year is to potty train madam.

I had been thinking about it for about four months. I'd done a bit of background reading and asked other mums for their advice. I bought a potty so that Daisy could 'get used to it', let her choose lots of pairs of knickers (Peppa and Charlie & Lola were the favourites) and started looking out for the tell tale signs. I thought she was ready at the beginning of December but wanted to wait until I had the time to spend a whole week (or as longer if necessary!) at home. What better week than the first one of January. When it's cold and depressing and the whole world is exhausted, skint and heading back to work. A few PJ days indoors with the heating cranked up and a bit of daytime telly. Yes please!


We started on Monday and, three days in, things seem to be going well. We have a reward chart and stickers and a vast supply of chocolate buttons for bribery. We've had the heating on and Daisy has been running around in bare legs and knickers to avoid the risk of lots of pairs of wet trousers. She seems to prefer the Peppa toilet trainer (and Peppa step) over the actual potty and the accidents are getting fewer and the successes are increasing. Madam got TWELVE STARS on her reward chart today! She was very proud of herself indeed. Fingers crossed tomorrow is equally successful and by the end of the week we are able to venture out of the house again. (I must confess the cabin fever is beginning to get to me!)

If anyone else is thinking of starting potty training soon, here are a few hints and tips.

A few tell tale signs that your toddler might be ready are:

~ They can walk, sit down and get up
~ They can communicate with you i.e. tell you when they need to go and have words for 'wee' and 'poo'
~ They don't like being in a dirty nappy and ask you to change it straight away
~ They are able to undress themselves

Brace yourselves! Buy the necessary equipment (potty/toilet trainer/step/heaps of knickers or pants), bribes and rewards (Daisy has been more excited by the stickers than the chocolate). Be prepared to stay indoors until you've cracked it. Praise all the successes and don't mention the accidents.

I'll keep you posted about how we get on. Good luck to the rest of you that will be giving it a go soon too xoxox

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  1. OMG- I am in the same place, only without the luxury of staying home all day and watching crappy, sorry quality children's television.


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