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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Maternity Wear Special: Wrap Around Tops

I recently published a Daily Outfit post featuring the iconic Isabella Oliver Wrap Around Top.

Wrap around tops are just PERFECT when you're expecting; they grow with your bump and are comfortable at every stage of your pregnancy so make an excellent, and great value for money, choice of maternity top - plus the style is super flattering on both boobs and bump.

If you choose a good quality designer, such as Isabella Oliver, you can rest assured that the clothes you buy will last your entire pregnancy - and beyond. 

Post-pregnancy, unless you're one of the very lucky ones, it can take a while for you to regain your pre-pregnancy figure (this especially relates to your boobs if you're breastfeeding!) so this style of top works really well and continues to look great, giving you the flexibility to cover up as much as you want to and tighten the wrap as your figure shrinks. Non-maternity tops may ride up and expose bits of your belly you're not quite ready for the world to see!

It really does make a fantastic maternity wardrobe staple, perfect for any situation. Work wise it looks fab with tailored trousers and suit jacket, during the day it can be dressed down with jeans and ballet pumps, and the plunging neckline makes it a perfect choice for a glamourous evening event - just go for a bold colour and team it with a sexy pencil skirt and heels.

Isabella Oliver stock lots of different varieties and colours, including a ruched version, a t-shirt one (with higher neckline) and also a stunning dress - all with choices of different length sleeves, ranging from capped ones to full length. Although putting one on for the first time can be a bit daunting, once you get the hang of it (see the video below), it really is worth it as it is a very stylish and elegant piece of clothing indeed.




  1. I so loved Isabella Oliver when I was pregnant. I had one of the wrap dresses and wore it out. I really ought to get around to stopping them sending me catalogues now though...

  2. These wrap around maternity tops are really a cool stuff

  3. These wrap around give a full support so this is the reason behind their popularity


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