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Sunday, 19 August 2012

My Favourite Maternity Purchase

They have appeared in so many of my Daily Outfit posts to date, I thought it was about time my Seraphine denim mini shorts got a blog post all of their very own.

These have honestly been my favourite maternity purchase to date..... I wore them while it was still chilly, during the rainy period and am certainly getting a lot of wear out of them now that the sun has come out! 

I first spotted these shorts on Jodie Kidd and I fell in love with them straight away.

Photo Credit - Hello! Magazine

WHAT A TOTALLY HOT MAMA-TO-BE!! I like short-shorts, and I hadn't seen any maternity varieties for sale.... they all seemed to be mid thigh length or even longer *boke* So I made sure I hunted them down on the Seraphine website.

Photo Credit -
(Lovely skinny mama model, with perfect pins and bump)

These are just perfect, and are super comfortable with their elasticated under-the-bump band. They don't look maternity at all and can be teamed with all sorts of other clothes and accessories to create completely different looks. Here are a few photos of me in them. Seraphine model I am not but hey, sometimes it's nice to see a real woman with stretch marks and sticky out belly button and all in the clothes you are looking to buy...!

The reasons I love these so much?

- They are so versatile. As I've already said, I have been able to wear them through all the seasons and have come up with lots of different smart-casual and boho looks.
- They are so comfy. I normally go for over the bump waistbands but these are heavenly and also feel as if they are offering some support, which I really need (and LOVE!) as an SPD sufferer.
- I love the fit. My honest thoughts? I LOVE that they are a teeny tiny bit baggy - doesn't make me feel like I'm dressing slutty and makes my legs look skinny at the same time! Perfect.
- They are completely and utterly affordable. £36 is a bargain for something you can get so much wear out of.



  1. the only problem that I have is when pregnant my arse and thighs are the first thing to spread!

  2. In my case its my FACE! I turned into Mr Moon at around week 8! ;)


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