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Friday, 3 August 2012

Sale Maternity Clothes and DIY Adjustments

Sometimes, when you're out shopping, you find a bargain that is just tooo hard to resist.

This happened to me yesterday. 

Whilst browsing through the heaps of baby/toddler paraphernalia on offer in JoJoMamanBebe I stumbled across the very final remnants of the maternity clothes sale. And this cute little top caught my eye....

A little creased I know, but £29 reduced to £6! SIX ENGLISH POUNDS! For a gorgeous embroidered cheesecloth smock top that is just perfect for the crazy weather we are experiencing at the moment. Cool and loose 100% cotton for when the sun decides to make an appearance, but it also covers you up so is a-ok when its a bit chilly too.

Of COURSE the bloody thing was a size small (I am a very pregnant size 12 so most definitely a medium, if not a large) so I very nearly just put it back and walked away with a tear in my eye.

But I didn't. I took it to the changing room and I tried it on. And aren't I glad I did because it wasn't AS small as I thought it might be.... Aside from the fact that the tie-y bit that is supposed to go under your bosoms was actually resting across my nipples, it fit like a dream. Perfect length so bump adequately covered, not too tight under the arms or across the chest. So I looked at it, and decided that I really didn't need the tie-y-under-the-bosoms bits at all, and because of the stitching it wouldn't damage the top in any way, shape or form if I was just to snip the two ties off.

So I bought said top. And I took it home and snipped said ties off. And if I do say so myself, I think it looks pretty darn lovely! 

The point of this post? As I've said before, the sales are the PERFECT time to buy maternity wear and if you see something you adore that is scandalously priced in the final reductions but a little small or a little big, BE CREATIVE and if something simple can be done to make it fit you, that won't cost the earth (or ideally won't cost ANYTHING) then MAKE THAT PURCHASE.

Guilt free, bargain shopping is the best kind! xoxox



  1. You can find all sorts of comfortable yet fashionable clothing on the market. You no longer have to feel like you need to hide in the closet when you are reaching your largest state. It is likely you will still be uncomfortable, but it won’t be because of the maternity clothing. With all the new stretchy fabrics, interesting designs and trends to highlight the belly yet hide the rest, you can walk into any situation and still feel like yourself.

  2. Awww! That maternity dress is extremely cute. I'm an expectant mother and I've been looking for nice maternity clothes on sale, but I haven't found one to my liking. I like your idea on modifying the item to your liking. A little alteration, beads, ribbons, and laces should do fine.


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