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Monday, 1 October 2012

#FMSphotoaday - Where You Stood

This month I've decided to take part in Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge.

I thought it would give me a good excuse to get out and about and explore my new home town once we've moved into the new house!

Today's prompt is Where You Stood.

This week Daisy and I are staying with my parents while Himself carries out the last of the building work at the cottage. It's lovely for us to get to spend some time together before we move away, and I'm getting to put my feet up a bit too which is BLOODY BRILLIANT as I've not had much time to relax over the past month. (There will be no more whingy tweets I promise!)

My first photo is of me (complete with humongous 35 week bump!) standing in my parents garden. Today was a beautiful, crisp Autumn day. We had torrential rain last night (it was amazing listening to it beating down on the velux windows of our temporary bedroom!) so everything seemed really bright and fresh this morning. Leaves have started to fall and winter is definitely on its way as I could see my breath when I stepped outside to take this photo. Time to get the chunky knits and Uggs out......  I love this time of year xoxox


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