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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Morning Sickness and Sea-Band Mama!: A Review

Morning sickness sucks. Fact.

It affects 80% of pregnant women and is caused by THOSE BLOODY HORMONES. How long it lasts depends on the person; it is usually one of the first symptoms you experience when preggers so normally kicks off at around six weeks - and tends to improve around weeks twelve to sixteen, although sometimes it is a total bitch and sticks around for a lot longer. It can also affect you at any time of day, despite its name.

I had it easy with Daisy.... it only lasted from weeks 6-11, hit me at around lunchtime every day and was controllable by eating (! - four and a half stone weight gain anyone?!). If I gobbled up a bowl of cheesy mash or pasta or a couple of slices of buttery toast my stomach settled and I felt grand.

I was quite shocked this time round when I discovered that eating ANYTHING made me feel a million times worse and I lost almost a stone in my first trimester. I asked around and tried virtually every old wives tale going to cure myself - ginger biscuits (ick), a plain biscuit or cracker before getting out of bed, drinking flat lemonade or full fat coke, sipping ice cold water, peppermint - so either brushing your teeth, chewing gum/sucking mints or drinking minty tea, sea/travel sickness bands (more on that later) and sniffing fresh lemon. Some helped a bit, some didn't at all.

At around week 18 I started feeling a bit better, sickness wise, but indigestion and heartburn kicked in and has yet to go away! At 32 weeks pregnant, my queasiness came back with a vengeance.

But I think I've found a cure. Seriously. This may be a sponsored post but I speak the truth.

Sea-Band Mama!

The lovely people at SBM recently sent me a selection of samples to try and I can honestly say they all work.

First up, the sea bands.

These are worn on your wrists and work by using acupressure to relieve symptoms. There is a small plastic stud on the band which stimulates a pressure point on your wrist. I must confess that I've never used acupuncture/pressure to treat any ailments in the past and I was very surprised to find out that it actually works - and quickly too. They are available either direct from the Sea-Band Mama! website, or from Lloyd's Pharmacy and other independent health food stores and pharmacies and are priced at £8.15 a pair.

I was also sent an oil rollette which was probably my favourite product. It is made from a combination of ginger, lime and spearmint which invigorates your sense of smell and, I am informed, 'triggers a reaction in the brain which blocks feeling of nausea'. Rolled onto your temples, wrists or chests and inhaled, this small handbag sized remedy is perfect for the early days of pregnancy as it is so discreet. £4.99 for 10ml.

Finally I was sent some ginger lozenges, fortified with folic acid. Now these worked a treat - but at £3.99 for a packet of 24 (and 10 lozenges required daily to make up the correct amount of folic acid recommended by the Department of Health) worked out as the most expensive remedy. I wouldn't suggest taking these as a pregnancy supplement but the ginger sweet aspect definitely helped with the sickness symptoms and indigestion without tasting too gingery/spicy.

The other thing I have found to help is diet coke, salt & vinegar crisps and putting your feet up whilst watching crap telly. Hope those of you that are feeling poorly are on the mend soon xoxox


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