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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Make Your Own Christmas Jumper

Last year I published this post on how to Make Your Own Christmas Wreath. To date it has been my most viewed blog post - with people reading it on an almost daily basis throughout the past year!

With Christmas 2012 only a little over a month away, I thought it was time I wrote another crafty DIY post - and this time I wanted to give you some ideas about how to make your own novelty Christmas jumper!

I do love a Christmas jumper.

I love chunky knits and fair isle patterns and have a fair few in my wardrobe, but last year I was invited to a Christmas jumper party and decided to go all out with a creation of my own.

I bought a cheap baggy jumper (with pockets) from Primark (a bargain at £12!), some battery operated fairy lights from Poundland and a whole heap of crafty stuff from Hobbicraft and got cracking.

I opted for a Christmas tree theme and stitched (badly) a green felt tree (in red felt bucket) onto the front of the jumper. I decorated it with silver and gold glittery pipe cleaners as tinsel and a gold star parcel label on the top of the tree (I glued all these on - using UHU) and also cut out snowflakes from white felt and made pom poms out of wool for a 'snowy' backdrop. Other ideas I had was to sew tiny baubles onto the tree (for sale in Paperchase) or to use one of the Innnocent smoothie woollie hats (there was an angel one in circulation last year) as a Christmas fairy. The piece de resistance was the fairy lights which I poked through the chunky knit from the inside on each point of the Christmas tree. The battery pack then went into the pocket. 

I literally CANNOT WAIT to crack this bad boy out at Christmas and am contemplating making some for the rest of the family this year. I think you lot should give making one a go too! Snowmen, reindeer, Christmas puddings, robins.... these are but a few of the designs you could come up with!

If you do get all festive and creative and make one PLEASE email/tweet me a picture!  I would love to see them! xoxox



  1. Yes. You NEED to make one for every member of your family. It is Divine. I notices at Primark in the mens section there are lots of interesting jumpers this year.But yours is better!

  2. Haa haa! Brilliant... I was googling with almost the exact same idea in mind, but wanted to know how to attach the lights! We are going to the Jedward panto this year in Crimbo jumpers and I definately don't want to be wearing the generic "primark" jumper... this is almost what I would be doing!
    I hope to make my jumper next week! can't wait to get started!x

    1. Oh please let me see a pic when you've finished!!! :) x


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