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Monday, 19 November 2012

The Secret is Out!

I know a secret, I KNOW A SECRET!

I've wanted to tell you all for SO LONG, and it has been SO HARD keeping my big gossipy mouth shut, but I have been sworn to complete and utter secrecy.... until now!

I'm so excited to FINALLY be able to announce that Lollipop Lane, the UK's largest independent nursery brand (and one of my own favourites!), have today launched a brand spanking new range of strollers - and we were lucky enough to be chosen to review one of them.

The Acti-Cruise Stroller comes in four uber stylish designs; Harbour, Mariposa, Domino and Carnaby - the latter being the stroller Evie and I are now the proud owners of! 

The Acti-Cruise Stroller is suitable from birth to 36months (or 15kg) and is a really high tech design with heaps of brilliant features ~ including a five-point harness for extra safety, a huuuuuge shopping basket (and an extra zipped compartment in the canopy which is perfect for easily accessible keys and phone) and - the BEST BIT in my opinion - a removable cup holder, perfect for cappuccinos on the go on days when you feel like a sleep deprived zombie!

The stroller is super lightweight (only 6.9kg) and folds away easily - I have even mastered the art of doing it one handed which I have never been able to do with other strollers. It reclines to an almost fully horizontal position and has a padded seat liner, two qualities that are great when the stroller is being used for a baby, and the window in the canopy means you can see your little passenger all the time without having to stop walking to peer around the front of the buggy. 

These strollers have an aluminium chassis which makes them extra hardy and durable so, as well as being great for newborns, they will last forever and see you through until your small person is ready to walk by him or herself. The aluminium is super lightweight which means the buggy is really easy to steer, even one-handed, which is brilliant when you have another little hand to hold, and it is extra sturdy - it doesn't tip up even when the handles are laden with shopping bags (I had one on each handle, and my changing bag across both and it still remained upright after I took Evie out).

Other fabulous features include:
  • A removable arm rest
  • An adjustable foot rest
  • Rear wheels with suspension and link brake, front wheels with swivel and directional suspension and non-puncture, foam filled wheels
  • Foldable canopy with front shade visor  
  • A reversible (and machine washable) padded seat liner (bold print one side, plain colour the other) 

And the price tag? An incredibly reasonable £95.00! How good is that!

We seriously love our stroller and are so glad to have been part of the launch. If you are looking for one at the moment, definitely take a look at the gorgeous Lollipop Lane range. They are available direct from the Lollipop Lane website here.  

If you place an order for a stroller before 31st January 2013 you can claim a free Treacle and Bubble luxury fleece blanket worth £14.99 - just add the item to your basket and use the code LBPlolly at checkout. Happy shopping! xoxox

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