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Sunday, 16 December 2012

MaterniCare Pre & Post Natal Nourishing Cream: A Review

Just after having Evie I was sent out a new 'wonder cream' to review. It is called MaterniCare and has been developed by pregnancy skincare specialists to help take care of your skin during and after pregnancy.

Here's a little fact for you. Did you know that your skin stretches an average of TWO SQUARE FEET when you're pregnant? And then it returns back to normal in a few short months. Wow. That's a lot of strain for your skin to be under ~ it's no wonder that so many of us develop stretch marks in the process.

Ah stretch marks. Or tiger stripes as I prefer to call them. In actual fact it is a massive 75% of us that get them during pregnancy - on our bellies, boobs, hips, bums, pretty much anywhere and everywhere. But what causes them?

They appear when collagen tears below the skin ~ which happens as we get older, or lose or gain weight rapidly ~ basically when our skin loses its elasticity. Moisturising the skin helps to keep it strong, smooth and supple and supposedly stops stretch marks appearing.

MaterniCare, which contains a unique blend of plant oils and essential vitamins (including the all important pro-vitamin B5), claims to help prevent the appearance of stretch marks, relieve the itchy dryness that can affect us during pregnancy and also helps to keep our skin soft and resilient.

Although the science behind the cause of stretch marks and the benefits of this cream both sound perfectly logical to me, I am personally of the opinion that stretchmarks are hereditary and, as such, no amount of preventative moisturising will help if you are predisposed to getting them. I used a certain well known brand religiously when pregnant with Daisy, spending hundreds of pounds in the process, yet I still have a tummy covered in tiger stripes!

I DO however think that there are some products out there that help reduce the appearance of these marks and MaterniCare is one of them. In just a few short weeks my stretch marks have already started to fade - so much quicker than after I had Daisy - and my body has enjoyed the pampering sessions it has been receiving twice daily too!

The cream itself is rich and luxurious and smells clean and fresh. It isn't greasy and, at £14.99 for a 200ml tube, is much more affordable than a lot of other products on the market at the moment.

It is available at all good chemists and online from Forum Health here. It gets a big thumbs up from me xoxox

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