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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Children's Bedrooms - Decorating, Furniture & Storage Ideas

*trumpet fanfare*

I am very excited to announce that, at LONG LAST, we have finished the first room at the Cottage.... and of course it had to be Daisy's bedroom! 

A lot has gone on in this room, although its a bit tricky to show you the full extent in photographs. 

It started off as a double room which led through to a smaller box room and it had an old, boarded up and out of action fireplace (and chimney breast) in it.

The chimney breast was removed and a partition wall put up to create a new hallway leading to the third bedroom (now little Miss Evie's room - and next on the list to be completed!) which meant that Daisy's room would be a little bit smaller but would be all her very own

It was plastered, painted pink (of course), carpetted and kitted out in lovely pine furniture (including my old childhood bed!) and then filled to the rafters with madam's toys and books.

Our biggest Little Miss is doing pretty well in the Toy Department after a November birthday and Christmas. So now the time has come for me to hunt out some super clever storage solutions to organise and hide away all the clutter.

I've been pinning with fury and have come up with lots of inspiration (you can see my 'Bedrooms for Children' Pinterest board here) but due to the limited floor space I'm a bit stuck for ideas. Shelves on the wall would be ideal although Daisy wouldn't be able to reach them.

My plans are for some cute underbed storage, like these GORGEOUS boxes, complete with table top lids, from Childs & Co. This means the over flowing plastic toybox we are using at the moment can be sorted and some of its contents put away under the bed.

I will be replacing said {ugly} plastic toybox with something a bit prettier - like this owl hamper from The Little Blue Owl, which I just LOVE!

I think madam needs a shoe tidy to hang on the door but I am yet to find one I like ~ they all seem to be plastic and decidedly unpretty! If anyone can point me in the direction of a company that makes them, please do. Otherwise I might have to teach myself to use a sewing machine and attempt to knock one up myself!

A floating shelf above her bed will be handy for some of the bigger cuddly toys that aren't her every day favourites. (Ikea sell these at ridiculously cheap prices).

And I also need some sort of add on for her play kitchen to house all her play food and kitchen equipment, although I am stumped on that one. A mini dresser perhaps?


Daisy already has a dressing up chest, which doubles up as a bedside table and the freestanding bookcase is fabulous, not only because it means all her books are in her reach and she can get them out whenever she wants to, but also because the top can be used for ornaments and toys.

Ultimately I would like to get her and Evie a cabin bed each (this one from Feather & Black is just AMAZING!) as it would save so much space in both bedrooms.

What space saving storage solutions have you come up with for your children's bedrooms? I'd love to hear them xoxox



  1. Hello, first time commenting over here. I always love to see interior design projects completed, it looks fab!

    That's a beautiful bed. My dad built me something similar when I was a kid and hope he'll be able to do the same for his grandkids one day.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for saying nice things about Daisy's room! The cabin bed is just fabulous isn't it :) x

  2. Hi,
    this blog is really nice and well managed for kids and looking awesome. your idea of room decorating from this..., to this.... and now so attractive i love it and like it.GORGEOUS boxes idae is really helped for childerns. over all this idea of room decorating is so will help me in future because i also looking to do some thing differnt for room decorating and your idea will help me a lot.


  3. Great blog! We are in process of decorating our children's bedroom. It's required the removal of a lot of pine furniture!

  4. Ohhh.... what a great noteworthy transformation..! Is this bunk bed in the same room that you mentioned above..?


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