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Thursday, 31 January 2013

More of the Good Green Stuff

Today I decided to add mint to my green juice for the first time {it's loaded with nutrients - see the health benefits below}. From the recipes I've followed over the past month, I have also realised just how much I love cucumber - so this time I added a bit more than normal into my juice. The result? One super refreshing and thirst quenching green juice! I hope you like it!

6x golden delicious apples
2x handfuls of spinach
1x stick of celery
1x cucumber
1x handful of mint 
{makes 500ml - enough for two}

Health Benefits.
APPLES: contain PECTIN (lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels) and VITAMIN C (boosts your immune system)
SPINACH: The ultimate superfood, a handful of it contains over 300% of your RDA of VITAMIN A (promotes healthy skin and protects & strengthens respiratory, urinary and intestinal tracts) and IRON (great for white blood cells which fight infection) 

CELERY: Full of antioxidants and, more specifically, has anti-inflamatory benefits
CUCUMBER: contains B-VITS (a great pick me up) and SILICON (good for hair and promotes good joint health)
MINT: As we all know, mint is fabulous for digestion and its aroma soothes headaches too. It's a great herb to use when you have a cold as both the taste and the smell cool and soothe the throat and nose and they also relieve tickly coughs.

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