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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Never Underestimate the Power of a Reward Chart

Ever since the success of Daisy's potty training reward chart (read all about it here) I have regularly used a stickers as a form of bribery. It turns out its quite a controversial subject but I am of the opinion that rewarding a child for good behaviour is a million times better than telling them off for bad behaviour.

So stickers. HONESTLY, the results of giving {some*} kids stickers never cease to amaze me - what the hell is it about them? Gone are the days of racing to the biscuit aisle to bribe D with jaffa cakes before starting the weekly supermarket shop, now its the promise of some fuzzy kitten stickers (or similar) that allows me to get all my shopping done in relative peace and quiet.  

*Yes, yes, I appreciate that some kids couldn't give a monkeys about getting a sticker for eating all their greens ~ but reward charts do work for the majority of those that I know. Don't knock it until you've tried it!

Recently bedtimes have become a struggle in our house. I've never been a fan of Gina Ford and her regimented ways but one routine I have always followed (for my own sanity! I need my evenings, thank you) is the bedtime one. The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind for us all, with Evie's arrival, moving house, constant building works going on, Daisy starting nursery, Christmas, lots of trips to visit family etc etc - and, as a result, we lost our good routine. There were more than a few late nights, and nights staying away with grandparents, and mad panics about getting up on time the next morning.... And yes, I know I am partly (probably entirely!) to blame for the disruption to normal service. With Himself working away a lot, I often have to do bedtimes by myself and I have struggled to get a good routine going with both of the girls. A couple of months down the line and I seem to have got the hang of things now (no more feeding Evie whilst sat on the loo seat supervising Daisy's bathtime or bathing them both and then freaking out about how to get them both out, dried and dressed at the same time) so I decided that it was time to create a reward chart to try and encourage good behaviour at bedtime once again.

There are heaps of downloadable reward charts on the internet but I personally like to make my own - and to get Daisy involved too. All it takes is an afternoon of craftiness and it means you can explain how the chart is going to work while you're drawing and sticking! Daisy loves having anything she's made up on the wall, and a reward chart is no exception. A trip to the shops to choose the stickers you're going to use is also a good incentive for the littlies to start behaving themselves.

The charts don't have to be flash - er, as you can probably tell, ours only took about fifteen minutes to make. Daisy coloured the border while I did the important stuff. I chose to do a calendar style chart and I coloured every fifth day pink as an extra reward. So for every five good bedtimes (and stickers) Daisy would also get a trip to the pocket money section of our local toy shop.

Almost two weeks in and bedtimes are back to their old, enjoyable self. Bath time, pyjama time, story and milk time and then a five minute cuddle before I go downstairs to lie on the sofa and watch crap on the telly do my housework.

I know reward charts aren't for everyone but there's no harm in trying! I wonder if they work on husbands? xoxox

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