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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Past & Present; A Haslemere Toy Shop

Just before Christmas, I discovered THE BEST TOY SHOP IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Thats a bold statement, I hear you say, but, guides honour, it will take some beating!

Tucked away, a small distance from the shops of Wey Hill, on the Hindhead road in Haslemere is Past & Present, a toy and gift shop which is based in two rooms on the ground floor of a Victorian house. It is absolutely packed to the rafters full of the most beautiful things and is the sort of place that would be described as 'a hidden gem' or 'an aladin's cave' or a 'treasure' ~ because it really is.

It is TINY (I couldn't get Evie's pram in) but is literally full to bursting with every traditional toy you could wish for - from little pocket money trinkets to wooden BigJigs trains and Melissa & Doug play food - and it also sells pretty homewares that would make perfect gifts for grown ups. 


My sneaky photo just doesn't do it justice. It is SPECTACULAR. 

Why do I love it so much? Well to start with it is a small independent shop in my new home town. I don't need to say it again but I will.... I LOVE LOCAL, INDEPENDENT SHOPS! It is SO IMPORTANT to support them, otherwise there will be no more high streets and no more communities and you will have to buy EVERYTHING from Tesco Superstores where the tills are operated by robots and you will go days without speaking to other human beings. Or something. (Lecture over.... for now).

They sell a HUUUUGE and WONDERFUL selection of traditional toys, craft sets, gift ideas, handmade greetings cards and handpainted childrens furniture - the range is just fabulous for such a small shop.

Jackie and Sarah, who own and run the shop, are lovely ~ and most importantly they are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do which makes shopping there even more of a pleasure.

If you live anywhere within a ten mile radius, or if you are ever passing one day, you really must pop in. If you are too far away then you can always take a look at their website (here) as they also make (and deliver) bespoke, hand-painted gifts and furniture, such as memory boxes, toy chests and table and chairs sets - all of which are REALLY reasonably priced (possibly the cheapest out of any I have found online). 

Happy shopping xoxox



  1. How lovely, I didn't find/know about this place when I lived up the road in godalming. Perhaps it wasn't there then. I would've loved it. Wish we had something similar in bournemouth. You'd think for such a big place & incorporating all the suburbs there'd be something but the town is distinctly lacking in any toy shops let alone nice/good independent ones!

  2. I love little independent shops like this, in our town they are slowly dying out, which I hate. They are great for finding those unique things you simply must have! x


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