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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The SeaLife Centre, Brighton

Today the Modern Mummy family ventured across the border into Sussex for a day out in Brighton. We took a leisurely drive along the B-roads (I LOVE doing that) and stopped for a coffee (I LOVE doing that too) before arriving at our destination, the SeaLife Centre.

The SeaLife Centre in Brighton is the oldest aquarium in existence and, after a six month closure and £2million refurbishment, celebrated it's 140th anniversary last year. I'd been to the SeaLife Centre in London but this was my first visit to the Brighton one and I have to say - the Victorian architecture is just stunning. It was a pretty amazing sight to behold when you first enter from the plain, modern day reception.

The exhibits were wonderful too. We saw....

Japanese Giant Spider Crabs *shudder*. These bad boys were HUGE and can grow up to 12ft from claw to claw!

Check out this close up of the evil little buggers face!

There were hundreds of different fish, from teeny tiny clownfish to a giant stingray called Sandy. 

My favourite was this little fella!

Daisy and I went on the glass bottomed boat ride (well worth the £1.50 ticket price - trips last fifteen minutes and only twelve people are on board at anyone time so its the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you've got about any of the creatures at the aquarium). We met two turtles called Lulu and Gulliver, who were both 74 years old, and then had the pleasure of feeding them their lunch of broccoli and lettuce.

The famous tunnel was brilliant and could have kept us all (Evie included!) entertained for hours.

There was also an interactive rockpool which contained all different creatures that can be found around the British coast and Daisy and I held a starfish and stroked some sea anemones.

After a brilliant few hours there it was time to head home.... although no trip to Brighton is complete without a walk along the pier, a fish & chip lunch and a nobbly bobbly - even in winter! xoxo


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  1. Sealife Centre in Brighton is always a great place to visit, highly recommended!


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