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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Things That Make Me Happy Now That I'm a Mama!

Yesterday I had the sheer and utter JOY of finishing a drink that was STILL HOT. It dawned on me that this was probably the first time I'd had the pleasure of doing that since before Daisy was born. Its funny how the little things suddenly become so brilliant and how 'me time' takes on a whole new meaning once you have children!

I used to enjoy pamper days pre-children (when I still had the money, as well as the time). Now if I get a spare ten mins to whack on some nail varnish and let it dry without small people needing picking up (and said nail varnish chipping) then I am a very happy camper indeed. A bath without someone (Himself included) declaring "I NEED A WEE!" is something dreams are made of.

So last night, as I lay awake feeding the littlest, I came up with this list of other me time treats that make me happy now that I'm a Mama!

- READING! I can't remember the last novel I read. I find it too hard to dip in and out of them so I'm a magazine reader these days - and thats only when the small people let me.

- Eating a meal that is still warm without having to get up to get something for somebody or bring someone that has wandered off back to the table.

- Shopping, sans buggy, so that I can go through narrow doors and upstairs in shops that don't have lifts.

- Watching a film. I've not managed this since E was born and I think it will be a while before I get the chance to watch one again (Disney movies aside).

- Listening to music LOUD in the car. I'm talking BLASTING OUT OF THE WINDOWS SO THAT PEOPLE TURN AND LOOK loud! 

- Getting an hour to myself so that I can give the house a tidy without little people (and Himself) messing it all up straight away. {That in itself makes me chuckle - I'm given time by myself and my first thought is to clean! Oh how times have changed....}

- Eating a bar of chocolate ALL BY MYSELF without little puppy dog eyes looking up at me and begging for a bite.

- Four hours sleep. In a row. Can you imagine?! In fact I'd settle for four hours of broken sleep in one night right now.

- Spring & Summer. So that I can actually dry the ridiculous amounts of washing I do every day and so that my house doesn't resemble a Chinese laundry on a daily basis. (Did you see my post on Losing the Art of Conversation? I touched on drying washing there. You can read it here.)

And the ultimate:

- Going to the toilet without an audience. Sigh. This is the Ultimate Goal to which I aspire.

What things make you happy? xoxox


  1. haa! love this. I once had a bath without any making sure they were all out for the day!!

  2. I love this - even shopping with a buggy is fine but not the double buggy and not with a toddler who HATES shopping!

    The first time the bloke took Dylan out though was my first bit of alone time in the four months since I had him I blasted the music loud and cleaned the house - how our lives change! x

  3. Oh god how I laughed reading this. Nice to know im not alone with the small things in life that I crave


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