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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Funky Giraffe Bibs - A Review

At three months old I do believe my poor littlest piglet has started teething. Cue the rosy cheeks, the ear pulling, the runny nappies, the constant chewing of hands and the dribbling that can only be cured with mummy cuddles (and perhaps a little bit of bonjela).

One thing I found absolutely essential when going through teething with Daisy was to have a constant supply of bibs to hand to stop the dribble causing rashes and so that she didn't have to go through hundreds of outfit changes every day. I bought a stash of plain white terry towelling ones from Mothercare and hated them even before I got them home! A few washes and they were grey and old looking, and as soon as we started weaning they all turned orange and ended up in the recycling!

This time round I was on the look out for something a bit more stylish. I recently tweeted a request for cool bib companies and Funky Giraffe's name came up LOADS. A quick click onto their website and I instantly new why - fashionable, affordable, comfortable, practical and ethical bandana style bibs. What was not to love?! I placed an order for five straight away.

They arrived just 36hrs later, which I was majorly impressed by, and the quality was fabulous. Made from soft, brushed cotton with a fleecy backing and popper fastenings, these awesome bibs are not only clothes and skin protectors, they are fashion must haves! 

I was delighted when they approached me and offered Evie some more in exchange for a review.

As you can see, my little style icon has amassed a pretty impressive collection now, and she is complimented on them wherever we go! 

The range available is phenomenal - there are literally hundreds to choose from - and prices start at £4.00 each. The best bit is that the more you purchase, the more money you save. 
1x bandana is £4.00 inc P&P
5x bandanas are £11.00 inc P&P (a saving of £9.00)
10x bandanas are £20.50 inc P&P (a saving of £19.50)

Now there's a good incentive to do some serious shopping this weekend!

Take a look at the Funky Giraffe website here.
They are also on Twitter (here) and Facebook (here).


  1. Thanks for the recommendation - I have been looking for some dribble bibs for a while and these seem like a bargain - will definately be investing! Your baby is gorgeous by the way!


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