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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Green Juice with Mango

My green juice du jour comprises of pretty much everything thats left in the fridge right now. Although fresh produce is best, juicing is a great way to use up fruit and veg!

1x mango | the stalk of 1x broccoli tree | 2x gala apples | 1x handful spinach | 1x handful kale

Health Benefits.
MANGO: Rich in antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients, specifically Vitamin A, potassium (which helps control heart rate and blood pressure) and copper (needed to produce red blood cells), the mango is known as The King of Fruits. Now you know why!
APPLES: Apples contain PECTIN which is known to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels and VITAMIN C which boosts your immune system.
BROCCOLI: Contains even more potassium, Vitamins C and K, and calcium - so its great for the heart and for your bones!
SPINACH: The ultimate superfood, a handful of it contains over 300% of your RDA of VITAMIN A which promotes healthy skin and protects & strengthens respiratory, urinary and intestinal tracts. It is also rich in IRON which is great for white blood cells that fight infection.

KALE: Full of the anti-oxidant vitamins A, C and K!

This juice is thick, filling and heavenly! I ♥ Greenjuice!

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