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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Time to Start on the Garden!

APPARENTLY Spring is just around the corner. Rumour has it that temperatures are going to be on the increase from end of next week, although I'm not entirely sure I believe them.

I hope so though because the time has come for us to get cracking on our garden at the Cottage.

Since we moved in it has basically been a builders yard. Everything has been dumped out there (sorry to my neighbours for the horrific view!). But a trip to the tip has been penciled in for this weekend which means that it is most definitely time to start making plans, even if the mild weather isn't going to hit us for a while yet.

So. My garden. 

The Cottage is in a terrace of four houses so our plot is quite skinny, maybe 18 feet across. But the garden is long - at least 100 feet - which means we have a lot of space to play with. On leaving the kitchen you have a flat, concrete area, with some quite well established plants. Then you have a brick wall and brick staircase leading up to the lawn, which is on a slope. At the back of the garden are some huge pine trees which give us some privacy from the houses up the hill.

There is a lot that can be done but our plan for now is to concentrate on making the garden useable this Summer.

We're going to move some of the established plants if we can and create a patio (complete with pizza oven) directly at the rear of our house. The lawn will stay as is for now, but a picket fence (or similar) will be put up at the top of the stairs to stop small people taking a tumble. Inbetween the fence and the edge of the wall is going to be our vegetable plot, but thats a project for next year!

At the back we are planning on building a summer house and wooden play/tree house on decking.

Once I've cracked the whip and got Himself to do all the hard graft over the coming weeks it will be time for me to make everything pretty and I can't wait! We already have our garden furniture, which is rattan with a glass table top and cushioned arm chairs, and I've been looking at garden lighting that will compliment it - plus, of course, the girls will need some fun outdoor toys.

It's been such a long winter this year but the sun will be out soon. I can't wait!


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  1. Love a bit of gardening...watching that is, not actually getting my hands dirty lol. I can't wait for the sun to make a proper appearance!

  2. Spring HAS to be on its way! Our garden is very much like yours, long and narrow, and crying out for someTLC! Once the sun makes an appearance I'll be out giving the OH a hand. Enjoy!


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