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Friday, 15 March 2013

A Beginner's Guide to Cloth: A Guest Post

Today I have a guest post from Eve Bell, of Baba+Boo fame!

Those of you that follow me on Twitter will know that I've wanted to switch from disposable nappies to cloth for a long time. I just found it all so confusing and was given totally conflicting advice from different people. I had no idea what I'd need to start and was frightened of  buying a starter kit and spending so much money all in one hit - and I'm sure there are lots of other mums in my position that want to switch to cloth but are not sure how to start!

Let me introduce Eve!

Eve is officially my cloth nappy guru. She has told me everything I need to know about making the change and now I have finally done it! She owns the cloth nappy brand Baba+Boo so is particulary knowledgeable - and is lovely to boot - and I thought it woud be great to have a beginner's guide available on Modern Mummy. So here you go!

Cloth nappies and your choice to use them can seem like a very expensive decision. When doing your adding up of baby costs though you will soon see that what it costs you for under 2 months worth of disposables can get you started with a cloth bum obsession. It  doesnt have to be all or nothing. Introduce one cloth nappy at a time and grow your stash as and when you have the pennies as well as when your confidence with cloth grows.

Reasons to use cloth

  • It’s environmentally friendly. In six to eight months we estimate that you can stop sending around 1000 nappies from going to landfill
  • They’re good for baby – there tends to be less nappy rash
  • You can use them again for the next child or pass them on
  • It does save money in the long run
  • Disposables cost around £30 a month: times that by at least 24 months = £720.
  • Cloth nappies can be anything from totally free eg hand me downs to £13 – £15 each for new ones. You will need about 15 for 3 days costing you  approx £225

Here’s what I’d suggest to get started:

  • Around 15 nappies, with their inserts and liners costing you approx £225
  • A bin or a wet bag (around £3.95 for a bag, but buy at least 3 to keep a rotation)
  • Liners (to throw away the poop easily £5.99 for 200 sheets)
  • Flannels or reusable wipes (to be extra environmentally friendly and wipe baby’s bottom)
  • Tea Tree oil
  • Nappy soak for your nappy bin (I don’t use this as tea tree seems enough)

Using cloth is not as difficult as you think. There is a small amount of preparation but it soon becomes habit. Our YouTube channel shows you how to put your cloth nappies together, how to wash them and even baby signing with animal prints!

It doesn’t have to feel like another chore - make it fun!

Cloth nappy libraries are popping up everywhere at the moment and these are a really good place to start. You can lend different types of nappies to see what suits you and your baby before you go out and spend a lot on one particular type. Most popular are pocket nappies as they are really quick to dry but there are other types. The mums that run nappy libraries are really knowledgeable too. Check the map here to find one closest to you.

If, when your child was born, you had to buy your nappies outright and you were given the choice of handing over £800 for disposables there and then, or handing over £200 for lovely fluffy nappies that came with a guarantee, I know which one I would take!

Baba+Boo offer a cloth nappy trial - for more details click here

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