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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Juicing Guest Post: UberMummy's Tummy Tamer

After the success of last week's Sore Throat Buster juicing vlog, today Alexa from UberMummy is back with a brand new recipe.

This one is the Tummy Tamer - and its perfect for all you mamas suffering from morning sickness or if you've had a bit of a stomach bug like I did last week!

Once again, it's super simple - just three ingredients - and it takes no time to prepare. 

Its the ginger in this recipe that helps settle the stomach. Not only does ginger soothe stomach complaints, it has also proven beneficial in reducing heartburn and inflammation, preventing colds and flu and relieving migraines.

But that's not the only superfood in this juice! Sweet potatoes are also pretty amazing..... They contain even more beta carotene than carrots, as well as Vitamin A, C, E, potassuim and calcium!

Enjoy xoxox

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  1. This is fa and exactly what I need being 19 weeks pregnant suffering from migranes, and sickness too. I'm going to try this, this week xx


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