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Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Times, They Are A-Changing

Recently, as my freelance writing has started to take off, I've found myself contemplating the future of Modern Mummy a lot.

I have NO intention of calling it a day, no way. Modern Mummy is like my third baby! I've just been thinking about it's content and realising that I need to devote quality time to it and I've been considering what I hope to get from it in the future.

I've written a lot of reviews recently, and I've enjoyed them, but they take up so much of my time that I've not had a chance to write about the stuff I really want to. Like FOOD. I've not posted a recipe in months! And PHOTOGRAPHY. I can't remember the last time I linked up to The Gallery or Silent Sunday.

I want to write more about the things I'm passionate about. Shopping locally, eating organically, juicing, recycling. Being an EcoMama. I want to talk about my quest to be happy with my new post-two-babies figure. I want to tell you about products I love - ones I genuinely love, not just ones I've been sent for free.

I want to write more about my girls - because I first started Modern Mummy to document all the little things they do so that I can show them one day. I wanted to write about my journey through pregnancy, and labour and motherhood. And I've just not had the time to do that recently.

So things are going to change. You won't see so many reviews on here anymore. I'll be publishing the ones I've committed myself to over the next week and that's it. If I do talk about products, they will be ones that I genuinely think are brilliant and that I've most likely bought myself. There's going to be food and drink and eco-friendliness. There's going to be LOTS of photographs. I'm going to start up some brand new features I've been thinking about for ages. I'm going to start writing for me again.

I hope you'll stick around.



  1. I'll be sticking around! I can't wait to see what you've got in store!

  2. Ill be sticking around too :-) xx

  3. Ooo can't wait to see what u have in store xx


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