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Monday, 15 April 2013

The Lin & Leo BabyBag: A Review

The day the new Lin & Leo BabyBag arrived on my doorstep, my life changed.

That sounds a bit dramatic, doesn't it? But it's true. After three years of sticky fingerprints and opting for 'practical' over 'beautiful', all of a sudden I realised that it *was* possible for luxury and parenthood to go together!

With two babies under my belt - and a pre-baby handbag obsession - I've had my fair share of changing bags. I've had masculine ones that the other half doesn't mind carrying, I've had overtly girlie pink ones to make up for the boring Daddy style ones, I've gone for totes and messengers and backpacks and record bags and smaller purses. I've loved them all for different reasons but none of them have ever been The One.

I've found that the majority of changing bags are either covered in patterns that I'm not particularly keen on, or made of materials that aren't very special. If you wouldn't carry a wipe clean polyester handbag on your arm, why should you carry a polyester changing bag?

And then there was Lin & Leo!

Makers of beautiful leather bags, with all the handy compartments of a changing bag hidden away on the inside and a stylish exterior that looks like a designer handbag.

The very lovely people at Lin & Leo sent me a gorgeous BabyBag in luxury new fossil leather, with branded metal work and branded luxury jacquard lining and matching changing mat. This gorgeous black version is going to be launched alongside their new revamped website and I just know it's going to fly off the shelves.

On the outside, it has two zip pockets and two poppered pockets - perfect for keys, phone, purse and other things you need quick and easy access to. It also has two short handles and a removeable and adjustable shoulder strap. This means that not only can you carry the bag however you'd like (on your arm, across your body etc), you can also hang it on every style of pram or stroller going.

Inside the bag are three large pockets, perfect for nappies, wipes, muslins and creams etc, two bottle pockets and the main body of the bag is big enough to carry the travel mat, a wet bag with changes of clothes and heaps of other baby/toddler paraphernalia. Despite only being 28cm x 38cm x 15cm, it really is super spacious. On an average day, inside mine I carry:

A drink for Daisy
A bottle for Evie (sometimes two)
Two spare cartons of formula
Two teething toys
Two ready prepared gNappies
Cheeky Wipes clean & mucky travel bags
3 bibs
2 muslins
A wet bag (containing a change of outfit)
Changing bag essentials - antibac handgel, bonjela, M&S Pure Wonder Balm
My purse, phone & keys 

And the best bit? This isn't just a baby bag - it's a bag for life. There is no way you would want to put this away at the bottom of your wardrobe once your babies become little people. It's far too beautiful. So I say don't! Keep using it! It really is the ultimate mama bag and will last forever. Enjoy xoxox

The classic black BabyBag retails at £175.00 and will be available very soon.
Check out the Lin & Leo website for other designs and colours here.
Lin & Leo are also on Twitter here and Facebook here.

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