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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Orbit Baby G2 Stroller: A Review

You might have heard me tweeting about the imminent arrival of Evie's new pushchair last month. I was VERY excited about it.

And I had every reason to be because Made for Mums, the fabulous parenting website, had asked me to review the Orbit Baby G2 on their behalf. 

YES. The Orbit Baby G2 - the Bugatti Veyron of Strollers - the celeb pram du jour - which has only recently become available in the UK. The best bit was that the amazing people at Orbit let me keep it too. Oh YEAH.

I've spent the last few weeks pounding the streets of Haslemere and Twickenham with quite possibly THE most attractive stroller I have ever seen and getting myself accustomed to it's many brilliant features and now I feel qualified to tell you all about it.

The Orbit Baby G2 is a super versatile, state of the art stroller. There's no doubt about it, this pram is seriously space age and a real show stopper - not a day has gone by without both men and women stopping me in the street to ask about it. It's main selling point is that it allows you to rotate and recline your child in one fluid movement which means they can face you, face outwards or be rotated to the side and at the same time they can be sat upright or reclined. It is suitable from birth to toddler.

The designers of the Orbit Baby G2 really were thinking of the parents when they designed this stroller - it has a wealth of innovative features, many of which are workable one handed which is bloody amazing as we all know how tricky it can be dealing with a pushchair when you have a babe in arms and other little people running riot too. It also has a vast collection of accessories (some at additional cost) - my favourites being the sidekick stroller board for older siblings and the removable Cargo Pod changing bag.

I can't deny that I love pretty much everything about it, but here are some of the best bits for me.

The smart hub 360 degree swivel is easy to use and so handy when you frequent coffee shops and restaurants as you can park the stroller in a small gap alongside your table and rotate your little one so that he or she is still facing everyone.

L - parent facing with a chunky five month old well supported in the stroller seat
R - front facing with a very tall and slim three and a half year old in it

The stroller is lightweight and compact. It's super easy to collapse - you genuinely can do it one handed - and it folds down small enough to fit in the tiniest of car boots. The pram itself is also very slimline - it's easy to get through doors even with the sidekick attached - but at the same time is a very decent size and keeps a newborn baby well supported as well as fitting a 3 year old in with room to spare.

It is a pleasure to push and very easy to manouvre - even one handed and with a 3 year old on the sidekick.

The extendable handlebars allow people of different heights to push the stroller comfortably and can be altered dependent on your footwear.

It has a key tray and coffee holder.for the parents and a snack tray for the passenger!

The Sidekick is, without any shadow of a doubt, the best invention ever. Having a buggy board to the side of the pram as opposed to inbetween you and the main body of the pushchair makes such a difference. It means you can walk normally and not have to worry about bashing your ankles, or accidentally stepping on your older child! Another pro of having it to the side is that you can have two fitted at a time (one on either side) and they attach to the wheels which enables them to move up and down kerbs when crossing the road really easily. They also come with a handle that fits onto the side of the stroller for little sidekick  riders to hold onto.

All upholstery is removable for easy cleaning which is a big selling point for me as I like to keep my strollers immaculate.

Spacious panniers are available (at an extra cost) which are very useful and deceptively large.

The under pram bag/storage that forms part of the Orbit Baby is genius. It holds a lot more than you'd expect and has an over the shoulder strap so you just have to slide it out and pop the strap over your shoulder for easy transportation.

It is compatible with a Maxi Cosi car seat with adapters (available separately) that still enable the seat to swivel 360 degrees.

The UV sunshade with Paparazzi Shield extension is great for protection from the sun or when baby is asleep.

Although it's lightweight, this stroller is very sturdy. Even weighed down with shopping bags it doesn't tip up!

The only (teeny tiny) fault I can find is that the under stroller storage requires organisation. Although the bag has ample room for your rain cover, bottles, changing accessories and a few other bits, it's not a basket you can easily sling your shopping into. However the stroller does have two separate handles on which you can hang shopping bags plus panniers are available to purchase at extra cost.

This stroller is the ultimate head turner. It's just perfect for sociable, gadget loving Mums and Dads and it is stylish, comfortable for both parent and child, and well worth it's price tag.

The Orbit Baby G2 Newborn set is available for £940 from John Lewis and includes the pushchair frame, bassinette, car seat adaptors suitable for Maxi Cosi Pebble and Cabriofix infant carriers and small and large weather packs (one for the bassinette, one for the pushchair). You have to buy a colour pack separately to complete the pushchair which costs £59.95.

The Sidekick is also available at John Lewis for £119.95, as are the panniers, available in a set of two for £119.95.


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  1. I have been searching everywhere online for prams reading reviews and seeing what is available to buy. This seems the perfect pram for me, as this is my first it has been a bit hard knowing what to look for in a pram. This is great as its sturdy but lightweight so easy enough for me to fold up and store and put in the put of my car! The last thing I want is a heavy buggy to lug around everywhere I go.


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