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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Tots100 Bathroom Makeover Competition with Bathshop321

This morning I found out that Tots100 have teamed up with Bathshop321 to offer one blogger the chance to win a complete bathroom suite and £500 cash to put towards its installation or to spend on finishing touches! EEEEEEEEEP! 

It goes without saying that I'm entering - my poor followers on Twitter know all too well just how desperate I am to give our bathroom a makeover. I moan about it a LOT {sorry}. In fact this weekend just gone I was tweeting for low-cost ideas to spruce it up a bit as Himself and I have put back its redecoration yet again as we save for our wedding later this year. At the moment it looks as if its going to be 2014 at the earliest before we get a chance to make our mark on it!

We've spent a small fortune renovating our cottage and sadly the money ran out before our poor little bathroom got a look in. It's right at the back of the house, on the ground floor and is L-shaped and very tiny. It is covered in revolting retro tiles which have been in situ since 1963 (I know this for a fact). The plaster has blown in places, the paint is peeling and it basically needs ripping out entirely, to be taken back to brickwork and started again from scratch. Which will cost a lot of money I think. Boo hiss.

So. Here is said bathroom.

Standing in the doorway, you have the sink directly in front of you and the toilet to the left of it. The bath is on the right hand side and extends a little way behind the door, and the boiler is on the left hand side. There's no denying it's miniscule - and I don't think much can be done to change it's layout. If it's easy to move the waste pipe from the toilet I would like to swap its position over with the sink as it is very close to the boiler at the moment and lots of our visitors have managed to bump their heads on it!

When the time comes for this room to be decorated I know exactly how I'd like it to look. I have been dreaming about it since before we moved in last year! I even have a scrap book full to bursting of pictures I've found and ideas I've come up with.

I have visions of lots of white - a clean, simple, traditional white bathroom suite with white tiled walls and floor. I love green and pinks together and would like flashes of colour here and there so I'd fill it with plants and hang old fashioned mirrors and framed vintage flower prints on the walls. 

Because the room is so small, I will have to come up with some clever (and pretty!) space saving ideas (I'm thinking a shelf above the door, storage under the sink and a large mirrored medicine cabinet).

I used to think the space was tiny and unworkable before we moved in and started filling it with our things and using it, but in actual fact its pretty cosy and definitely does the job. I'd just love it to be a beautiful cottage bathroom that matches the rest of the house. The bathroom is my sanctuary and I love nothing more than wallowing in a bath full of bubbles once the littlies have gone to bed each night. It's not very relaxing as it is, and it definitely isn't a room you want to spent more time than necessary in.

If I were to win this competition I would choose the salisbury bathroom suite and I'd use the spending money to get the walls re-plastered and to buy an over the bath shower (something our current bathroom is lacking and which I miss A LOT).

Check out my Bathroom Ideas Pinterest board here for lots of super inspiring bathroom ideas. xoxox

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