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Monday, 8 April 2013

Tomy TF500 Digital Audio Baby Monitor: A Review

At the moment, our evening routine goes a little bit like this:

6pm: Bath for both girls
6.30pm: Pjyamas, warm milk (for Daisy) and storytime 
7pm: Daisy's bedtime
8.30pm: Evie's last feed
9pm: E falls asleep downstairs and stays with us until we go to bed.

It's now time for us to get our evenings back!

Step one is for us to move madam up to bed once she's fallen asleep, so at about 9pm. Then we are going to try and put her to bed straight after her bottle at 8.30. Finally our plan is to gradually make her last feed earlier to coincide with Daisy's milk time. Then, with any luck, we will have two snoozing girlies by 7.30 each night! (*cough* Yeah right!)

One product every mama needs for bed and nap times is a baby monitor, and we were recently given a TOMY Digital TF500 to review.

It's brilliant - simple to use, with crystal clear digital sound and the added bonus of a remote controlled nightlight - and it's small, lightweight and pretty stylish too.

Its features include:
• An interference free connection and 100% privacy - guaranteed
• A 350m range (tested by me walking down the road!)
• Sound level light display which is super handy if you need to turn the volume off
• Rechargeable parent unit (rechargeable batteries included) with a belt clip for hands free convenience (handy if you're to-ing and fro-ing doing jobs around the house)
• Low battery and out of range alarm for extra reassurance
• A pager to help locate the parent unit if misplaced

The brightness of the nightlight is adjustable which I found brilliant - at its highest setting it's bright enough to see to your baby, to feed etc, without having to turn the main light on. Set slightly dimmer, it's the perfect nightlight - very calming - and it can be used independently from the monitor, which means it can continue to be used as your child gets older and no longer needs monitoring.

The best bit of all is the price. This monitor costs just £36.99 which is excellent as far as monitors go, especially for one made by a reputable company such as TOMY.

It is available from TOMY here and most definitely gets the Modern Mummy seal of approval xoxox

DISCLAIMER: We were given a TOMY TF500 for the purpose of this review.


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