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Sunday, 30 June 2013

MoneySupermarket's Big Night In

According to MoneySupermarket, staying in is the new going out. I could have told them this years ago - since having kids I can count on both hands the number of nights out I've had. Yes really.

But even my non-parent friends seem to be staying in a lot more these days and I can't say I blame them. When I was in London for BritMums Live! last weekend I paid £8 for a small glass of wine. SAY WHAT! No wonder the majority of Great Britain is opting to spend Saturday evening at home watching talent shows on TV rather than donning gladrags and heading out for a night on the tiles!

MoneySupermarket have launched a 'Big Night In' competition to give bloggers a chance to show them just how much fun you can have with £50 - without going out. And that's exactly what the Modern Mummy Family did last night.

Spending quality time together as a family is so important to us. Himself works hard all week and I write most evenings - so come the weekend we love nothing better than to do stuff together. 

We often have home cinema evenings, when D is allowed to stay up late and we close the curtains to watch a DVD with sweets and popcorn, but thanks to MoneySupermarket (who gave us £50 to spend on a night in), yesterday we decided to go all out and have a full blown part-AY!

Now £50 may sound a bit excessive to spend on a night in - but if you wanted to recreate this evening (which I wholeheartedly recommend you do - we had SO much fun!) then there is a good chance you will already have some of the things needed and you won't need to spend as much. If you plan to have family evenings like this regularly then forking out for things etc won't seem so bad if you know you'll get lots of use out of them!

Anyhoo - this is how we spent our money!

£15 - Guess Who? the board game.
£11 - Cocktail decorations 
£8 - Cocktail ingredients 
£10 - Pizza ingredients (we already had some of these in our fridge)
£6 - Dessert

And this is how we spent our evening!

We decorated our kitchen with bunting for the occasion, then drank fruit cocktails, made (and ate!) our own pizzas (Evie too!) and had lots of goodies for pudding. Then we teamed up to play a brand new board game - Guess Who? - and Daisy and I beat Himself and Evie 3-1 (naturally!)

It may not sound like the most rock & roll Saturday night on the planet but we all had a blast. The simple things are always the best xoxox

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Kate Middleton spotted wearing Seraphine!

She has been reported to have bought at least a dozen Seraphine maternity dresses, but this week HRH was spotted doing a bit of shopping on the Kings Road wearing the gorgeous Seraphine Renata dress!

Look familiar?

It should! 

Yes, it is the very same frock that yours truly wore to BritMums Live! last weekend. The Duchess of Cambridge clearly has impeccable taste!

And what a brilliant purchase she has made. This gorgeous, polka dot, mock wrap dress is suitable for all stages of pregnancy as well as nursing. We all know how Kate likes to recycle her looks so I wouldn't be surprised if we see her wearing it again after the Royal baby has arrived! 

The Renata has a chic side bow detail which highlights your empire line and flatters your bust. During pregnancy empire lines accentuate your growing bump - and post baby they hide a multitude of sins. It also has easy feeding access from the V-neckline.

This dress is super versatile too. Team it with a pair of red high heels and red lipstick for a glamorous 40s look like I did at BritMums, or dress it down with leggings and flip flops like I am today.

It is available from Seraphine here for £52.00 - and if you're looking to invest in one I'd recommend you do so now, before it sells out! xoxox


Friday, 28 June 2013

I've been nominated as a Top London Blogger!

What a great way to start the weekend! I'm totally gobsmacked (but super delighted!) to have been nominated as one of London's Top Mummy Bloggers!

Earlier this year, the readers of WestLondonMum submitted their favourite blogs and WLM are now in the process of announcing the top twenty five nominees. Once they have done so the online voting will begin. I'm in fantastic company and will personally be voting for the wonderful Bianca from Richmond Mummy. You can see the other nominees here.

The highest ranking bloggers will be announced in September. I'm so excited - and mega grateful to those of you that put me forward! Thank you so much! You're all awesome xoxox

Modern Mummy Loves....

This week I have been:

Meeting up with all my wonderful blogging friends at BritMums Live! - the UK's biggest social media conference - you can read all about my weekend here ♥ Starting a massive re-brand of Modern Mummy (what do you think of the changes so far?) ♥ Enjoying the Super Moon ♥ Having sushi with my little sushi monsters ♥ Spending the last of my birthday money on one of these gorgeous personalised necklaces from Posh Totty Designs in Brighton ♥ Loooovvvinnnng my brother's band's new song ---- hit play on the video while you read the rest of this post!

These are my finds of the week.....

Tommee Tippee Aeroplane Weaning Spoons and Disposable Steri-bottles

With weaning well under way in the Modern Mummy household, I'm always on the lookout for ways to make mealtimes fun! This week Tommee Tippee sent us these super cute aeroplane spoons - which takes 'Here comes the aeroplaaaaaaane' to a whole new level! These spoons come in packs of two for £3.79 and are exclusively available from ASDA supermarkets.

I'm not usually an advocate of anything that includes the word 'disposable' in its name but I am pleased to say that this product is actually 100% recyclable! Tommee Tippee has released new steri-bottles which are perfect for busy mums on the go. They are ready to use and can be filled with a carton of your chosen formula or pre-expressed breast milk - perfect for emergencies, when you just don't have the time to wait for your steriliser to work its magic - or you're not at home to sterilise at all. They are super lightweight so one can easily be slipped into your changing bag without weighing it down, they come in packs of five (which retail at £4.49 in Boots) and can take 250mls of liquid each.

Wedding Planner from Paper Themes
The wedding planning might have started a few months ago but its NEVER too late to get organised. This wedding planner, which was very kindly gifted to me by one of my new sponsors, Paper Themes, is so beautiful I've been using my favourite fountain pen and best handwriting to complete it! 

Divided into six tabbed sections (Getting Started, Guests & Stationery, Wardrobe, Wedding Day, Gifts and Contacts & Notes), it's packed full of checklists and budget planners, with handy pockets to keep samples and magazine cut outs. It's the perfect place to make notes and collect together information and is JUST what I needed!

This Wedding Planner costs £19.99 and is available from Paper Themes here.

Barefoot Books
I can't tell you how important I think reading with young children is. Not only is it an amazing way to stimulate them - and get them ready for school - I see our pre-bedtime reading sessions as the most precious family time too. I am also very conscious of current ecological issues and think it's essential that our children are taught to look after our planet from an early age.

Bearing this in mind, you can imagine how excited I was to discover Barefoot Books - stories selected to help children explore other cultures and learn about the history and future of our planet. Their mission statement is just amazing:

"At Barefoot Books, we celebrate art and story that opens the hearts and minds of children from all walks of life, focusing on themes that encourage independence of spirit, enthusiasm for learning and respect for the world’s diversity. The welfare of our children is dependent on the welfare of the planet, so we source paper from sustainably managed forests and constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact. Playful, beautiful and created to last a lifetime, our products combine the best of the present with the best of the past to educate our children as the caretakers of tomorrow."

We were sent a copy of the audio book 'Whole World' to review. It contains the lyrics to the well known song - together with beautiful illustrations, the sheet music for budding musicians, information on the development of the world and what we can do to take care of it and, of course, the audio CD.

Every page is gorgeous and that, together with the brand's ethics makes me want to buy more, more, more! Check out their online store here.

Matryoshka dolls from Emma Bear Forever

Emma Bear Forever is an online store that makes the most gorgeous homewares. Justine is the best crocheter I've ever come across and she is always coming up with brilliant new ideas for her shop. We already have two of her blankets (one humongous multi coloured stripey number and another 70s style wavy lap blanket) and lots of Easter and Christmas decorations too. There was no way I was going to let these gorgeous matryoshka dolls slip through the net! At only £9 each I bought two for the girls.... however they have both found themselves on my dresser (and I think they'll stay there, nice and safe!). Visit the Emma Bear Forever Facebook page and check out the other gorgeous things she has made! You won't be disappointed xoxox

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Follow Modern Mummy on Bloglovin'

Modern Mummy is now officially claimed and on Bloglovin! Hurray! 

And its just in the nick of time too, by the sound of things, as Google Reader will closing down on Monday, 1st July 2013.

If you follow MM on Google Reader then now is the time to switch your allegience to Bloglovin. It's a very similar platform (a little bit simpler in fact, and much easier on the eye!). All you have to do is create a (free) account and you can then import all the blogs you read through Google into your new Bloglovin account. Its that easy! Really. Click the button to import and you're done.

Click here to follow Modern Mummy with Bloglovin.

See you there! xoxox

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Gro Clock -- A Review and Giveaway!

EVERYONE knows that I do not sleep. EVER. I have caffeine running through my veins instead of blood.*

*This might not be true.

Of course I don't particularly like getting up in the night, or waking up for the day at 5am most mornings, but I chose to have little people and it would appear that mine don't like or need very much sleep so it is something that I have accepted and grown used to. I do still see sleep as The Holy Grail though, and dream of being able to lie in at least until CBeebies starts, if not a bit later!

Evie is only seven months old so can be excused for her night wakings and early starts, but at three and a half, Daisy should really know better. I've tried all sorts in an attempt to persuade her to stay in her own bed all night but nothing has worked and it's pretty much guaranteed that, come the morning, there will be three people in our bed - if not four!

That was until three weeks ago. All of a sudden, the middle-of-the-night visits to our bedroom and the dawn chorus wakings stopped. Just like that.

I waited three weeks to write this post, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke but, lo and behold, I can now confirm that it is The Gro Company that we have to thank.

After lots of tweets of advice and suggestions from other Mums, it turned out that The Gro Clock was a really popular product when it came to getting little people to sleep in their own beds. It was recommended to me by forty three of you. (I know - I counted!). So when they offered to send us one to try out I said 'YES PLEASE' straight away.

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical - after all, Daisy totally understands that she should stay in her own bed and that she shouldn't get up until breakfast time - but the little bugger chooses not to! I wasn't sure a clock that tells you when it's ok to get up would actually do the trick. But twenty one nights of decent sleep later, I think it's safe to say that it did!

So. The Gro Clock. 'What is it?' I hear you ask. It's basically a super simple clock, suitable for children aged 2+, that tells them when its time to get up. It uses fun images of the stars and the sun to tell children whether they should go back to sleep or if it's ok to go and pounce on Mum and Dad (if they aren't up already!). It comes with a gorgeous book about a naughty, lazy piggy whose friends buy him a Gro Clock of his own, which helps to encourage them to get plenty of sleep!

You set an acceptable time to get up (like an alarm but there is no tone - unless you choose to have one) and as you read the story, you set the clock to night time. From that moment until the wake up time you have set, a stars to sun countdown begins and the stars go out one by one. This is a great feature for older kids, as they can actually see whether they are half way through the night or if it is very nearly morning.

The clock also doubles up as a nightlight (with adjustable screen brightness) and you can display a digital clock too if you like. It's possible to set two separate wake up times (eg a later one for weekends!) and the clock is mains powered, so no batteries required!

Back to our experience of it.

On night one, we set it all up, read the book and switched it on as we were supposed to. We'd told Daisy all about it beforehand and she was REALLY excited to have one. She managed to stay awake for three hours post bedtime (this doesn't usually happen) and kept shouting downstairs to us when she saw a star disappear. We panicked a bit, but needn't have - three hours later she was snoring like a man.

We experienced two wake ups that night, but both times she just shouted to us from her room. Something along the lines of 'MUMMY! I'm awake but my Gro Clock says I can't get out of bed yet so I'm just going to stay here!'. I was very surprised when she actually did! 

The next morning she woke up at 5.30. I had set the Gro Clock's acceptable waking time as 6am as I'd hoped she'd snooze til then (at least) and wake up to the sun's face on the clock. She was so thrilled that there was only one star left on the clock face that she insisted on staying in bed to watch it disappear and the big star to turn into the sun! YES REALLY.

The following few nights saw a similar pattern, with lots of excitement at bedtime and the odd night time wake up but no visits to our bedroom! It then took ten days for the wake ups to stop altogether and another five days for her to master the art  of sleeping past 6am.

I have to confess I have no idea how it has worked, but  it has - and three weeks on I know it isn't a coincidence. I just wish I'd discovered it sooner!

The Gro Clock is available from The Gro Shop here and is currently reduced in price from £29.99 to £24.99. HOWEVER! I have one to giveaway to one lucky reader! As per my usual giveaway terms and conditions, I'm using the Rafflecopter widget below. Everyone is entitled to a whopping eight entries each - you can follow me and The Gro Company on Twitter, like us both on Facebook and tweet about the competition too. For a bonus three entries, you should follow this blog by Google Friend Connect or NetworkedBlogs and confirm in the comments below that you have done so. The competition closes at midnight on 2nd July 2013 and the winner will be announced on here, on Facebook and on Twitter on 4th July. This competition is open to UK residents only.

Good luck! xoxox 

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Monday, 24 June 2013

My Weekend at BritMums Live!

I'm back (in one piece, I might add!) from the blogging event of the year and WHAT A WEEKEND IT WAS. I'd spent so long getting excited about it and preparing for it, I feel as if I'm on the biggest come down ever now! Roll on 2014!

I went with three goals - to spend time with as many of my favourite bloggers as possible, to learn as much as I could from the talks and seminars and to enjoy my first child-free 36 hours since sproglet no.2 was born. I think I was pretty successful in all three.

First of all I'd like to say some thank yous to my amazing sponsors, as without them I wouldn't have been able to go at all.

Huge thanks to Moshi Monsters for sending me on their behalf. I chatted to lots of you about their search for brand ambassadors and I will be emailing you about it this week. If I missed you and you're interested in joining the Moshi blogger team, please tweet me or drop me a line here.

I was also very lucky to have been dressed by two of my favourite maternity and nursing fashion brands - Seraphine and Isabella Oliver. I WORE HIGH HEELS AND LIPSTICK AND EVERYTHING! I had lots of compliments on both of my dresses and am very excited to be writing about the event for the Seraphine blog later this month. I will make sure I tweet a link when it's live!

So. BritMums Live 2013. Where do I start?! It was just amazing. I was so thrilled to get the chance to meet so many of my Twitter/blogging friends for the first time and it was an amazing opportunity to listen to the experts on lots of different blogging/writing related issues.

The weekend started with white wine spritzers and chips with bernaise sauce at The Jugged Hare with Tina from LovedbyParents and Hannah from Make Do & Push! We then went on to meet Clara and Kirsty from My Two Mums and the legendary Mummy Barrow in the queue and the event opened with a keynote from Kirstie Allsop. 

I palled up with Maddie from Gammon & Chips and Bianca from Richmond Mummy for some of the seminars and then sat down with Jenny from KyNa Boutique, Rachel from DinkyThinks and the lovely and AWARD WINNING Emma from My Little 3 and Me for drinks, nibbles and the brilliant BiBs Awards Ceremony on the Friday night.

Saturday started early for me (my body clock still woke me up at 5am, even though I was without the babies!) with coffee in the Hub with none other than the beautiful, humble, hilarious and inspirational Katie Piper. She gave the first keynote of the day and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. 

I then spent the morning with Amanda from City Girl Gone Coastal, Sophie, aka Franglaise Mummy and Rebecca from Munchies & Munchkins. It was a pleasure to finally meet my Thinking Slimmer oracle, Sandra Roycroft Davis, Laura from Tired Mummy of Two and Charlotte aka The Mummy Blogger during morning coffee time and the afternoon was spent with my three favourite style bloggers, Kat from Does My Bum Look 40, Fiona from Avenue57 and Avril from SchoolGateStyle. Fiona and Avril were both on the Style Panel, and their session was my favourite from the whole event.

Aside from the seminars and keynotes, the hub was also full of great brands and my favourite stands were the Coca Cola and Vitamix ones - and the Acer photobooth! Plus, thanks to Warner Brothers, I managed to meet Hedwig from Harry Potter and Alex from Madagascar!

Unfortunately I had to dash off early so missed the final seminars and keynotes but I was kept well informed by the #BritMumsLive hashtag on Twitter on my train journey home.

It goes without saying that the whole weekend was just brilliant and I am so glad I was able to go! Aside from finally meeting up with the ladies (and gents) I've been tweeting and emailing since my blogging adventure started almost three years ago, I've come away full to bursting of ideas of how to improve Modern Mummy and the direction in which I hope it's going to take me! Watch this space xoxox

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

LittleLife Ultralight Convertible S2 Back Carrier - A Review

I'm a babywearer.

Not in an in-your-face, hippy, preachy kind of way. I usually keep my opinions to myself, but on this occasion I am happy to share them with you all.... I think that babies should be held - and if they are happy being close to you then that is where they should be. I 'wore' Daisy from birth til toddlerhood and I planned to wear Evie too.

That is until she weighed in at 23lbs at 7months old (Daisy didn't hit 23lbs until she was almost two!) and I discovered that I was suffering from separated abdominal muscles and was advised not to carry her as much as I was.

After lengthy discussions with my GP and my physio, I was advised that if I wanted to continue to carry Evie, then to do so on my back was an option - but if I wanted my abs to heal, I had to stop wearing her on my front. Back carriers, I was informed by both, distribute the weight of your child onto your shoulders and hips - giving your back and your stomach muscles a break!

So I looked around at my back carrying options, and after much research decided that the LittleLife Ultralight Convertible S2 Back Carrier was the way forward! 

Why did I decide to give this particular carrier a go? 

- First of all, and most importantly, I love LittleLife. We have so many of their products at home so I know that they are a quality and trustworthy brand.
- It's suitable from 6 to 36 months so I know that Evie will get plenty of use out of it.
- It's a hybrid back carrier that doubles up as a back pack when your small person isn't in it! How handy is that?!! The back pack is accepted as hand luggage size on flights too.
- Even when baby is in it, it still has a large storage pocket for essentials, and toy loops to attach favoutite friends or things that could get lost in transit.
- The aluminium frame genuinely is ultralight - plus I think the whole thing looks really smart.

Although this is an ideal carrier for when you are out and about (I can't WAIT to take it to Camp Bestival!) it is also perfect for wearing around the house. As I already mentioned, Evie likes to be held and I like to have her close to me - so if she's happy in the back carrier whilst I'm pegging out the washing, then I'm happy too!

The best bit of all, though, is that this has been fully endorsed by my physio as being safe to wear with diastasis recti, so I know I am letting my body heal properly whilst still getting to carry my little chubber!

For more info on LittleLife products check out their website here. xoxox


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Panache - Beautiful Wedding Lingerie - A Review

This past month I've been super efficient and have ticked lots of things off my Wedding To Do List. Having found The Dress, the next big thing for me was to get some gorgeous lingerie to wear underneath it.

Usually I am a t-shirt bra and big(ish) drawers kind of girl. I go for comfort over sexiness (sorry to my poor husband-to-be!) The fact of the matter is I have huge bosoms. And I like to have those bad boys strapped down so that they can't do any damage. I also have a particularly voluptuous bottom which I like to cover up with proper knickers. I'm sorry but g-strings are NOT comfortable.

But despite my simple and comfortable choice of every day underwear, I have always wanted to go uber glamourous with my wedding lingerie. I love silk and lace plus, of course, I want to make sure I'm wearing something that fits perfectly and holds everything in!

Panache, makers of gorgeous underwear and swimwear for us ladies with ample assets, were recommended to me by quite a few people, and I was just about to start my research into local stockists when they approached me and asked if I'd like to review one of their bridal sets. Needless to say I jumped at the chance - and I opted for the Evie bridal basque and briefs.

The Evie set is just beautiful - it's an ivory colour and has super pretty lace detailing with satin bows and tiny little pearls. The basque has multiway straps (or can be worn strapless) and suspenders and is the perfect length - it covers my tummy but still exposes a little bit of flesh between it and the briefs (which was what I chose to go with it). The briefs also have the cutest little peephole at the back which I adore!

The set fits like a DREAM and is honestly everything I ever wanted in wedding lingerie. Apart from being completely gorgeous, it's also comfortable and, most importantly, extra supportive. I normally shy away from strapless bras due to the lack of support but feel very confident in this one - the boning and underwire both seem lovely and strong and the cups are large so I needn't worry about *ahem* popping out on the day.

I'm so happy with the set and can't wait to wear it! Only three months to go! xoxox

Panache sizes start at a D cup and go all the way up to a KK. Aside from their wedding lingerie, they also make every day underwear, sports bras and swimwear - all of which are beautifully stylish and supportive - and they are available from lots of stores, including top online retailers Figleaves and Bravissimo.

This underwear set was gifted to me by Panache.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Modern Mummy Loves....

This week I have been:

Doing LOTS of wedding admin and starting some of my DIY projects (and maybe being a teeny tiny bit of a Bridezilla but shhhhh, don't tell anyone) ♥ Starting to get excited about Camp Bestival ♥ Building dens in the back garden with Daisy (before the rain came back) ♥ Out exploring Waggoners Wells with Evie in her new LittleLife carrier (it's amazing - review coming soon!)

These are my finds of the week xoxox

Free Vertbaudet Personalised Posters 
Both of my girls have personalised prints in their bedrooms which I spent an absolute fortune on - and now Vertbaudet are offering gorgeous free downloadables on their site (here)! 

Simply choose your favourite design and enter your child's name and date of birth (along with a short message if you fancy) then download, print and frame! They are the perfect finishing touch to any bedroom or nursery.

Green People

I'm a big, nay HUGE, fan of using natural products on my babies' (and my own) skin and one of my favourite organic companies is Green People. Two products of theirs that I absolutely adore are the Organic Babies Body Wash & Shampoo and the Organic Children Sun Lotion.

The body wash is made with over 80% certified organic, natural ingredients and is available in either lavender or scent free. We adore the lavender one for just before bedtime - it's super mild and extra bubbly and the teeniest amount goes a really long way! It costs just £6.89 for 150ml.

Its hard to believe that this time last week we were all smothering ourselves in suncream! Our suncream of choice is the Organic Children sun lotion, which is factor 25 (perfect for every day use during the English summer) and is water repellant too so your kiddiewinks can splash about in the paddling pool and run through the sprinkler without you having to worry about it coming off. Not only does it protect against the sun's harmful rays, it also nourishes the skin (without being greasy) and is extremely gentle - the scent free variety in particular. It costs £10.50 for 200ml.

Both are available directly from Green People here.


Daisy and Evie are regularly sent clothes for review but this week it was my turn. The fabulous Swedish clothes company me&i sent me a beautiful khaki maxi dress, with a wrap around top and twisted shoulder straps. 

Now I do love a maxi dress but being 5ft 7 I always struggle to find one long enough. The best bit about this design is that it is extra long and comes with a raw edge at the bottom which you can cut to the required length. It doesn't need hemming once you've made the cut either! It's made from 100% cotton so is just perfect for a hot summer's day. It's gorgeous, non?

We LOVE gNappies! As cloth bum converts, we have experimented a lot with different brands over the past few months and gNappies have proved to be the perfect fit for Evie. Aside from the fact we have never had a single leak, another one of the things I particularly like about gNappies as a brand is that they regularly introduce new designs - and next week sees the launch of this beauty, the gRegal, in honour of the imminent Royal birth! 

Made of soft, rich purple velour and with a tiny limited run of just 100, this is the ideal luxury nappy for your little Prince or Princess! It will be available on the gNappies website here from 19th June, priced at £22.95.

Poco Nido 
Poco Nido is one of my favourite brands for little people and we were super excited to see the launch of their new Autumn Winter 2013 range this week!
Available from 1st July, there will be five new designs of mini shoes, t-shirts and vests available: dragons, hare & tortoise, fawns, bears and cross-stitch roses and, best of all, due to popular demand, the new designs will also be available in an additional size of 18-24 months. 
My favourites are these gorgeous cross stitch rose mini shoes and the already famous Poco Nido owls!

What products have you discovered recently? I'd love to hear about them xoxox

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Baggers Originals Giveaway - The Winner!

Thank you so much to everyone that took part in my Baggers Originals giveaway! The response was overwhelming - there were 599 entries altogether! 

Rafflecopter has now worked its magic and the winner is...... SABRINA K! 

Sabrina, I have emailed you - please let me know what size and colour Baggers you would like and I will arrange for them to be sent to you straight away!

Those of you that haven't won but still want a set of Baggers Originals for your kids can buy them here. xoxox

Reader's Bumps ♥ Clare from Little Pink Teacup

  Dress, ASOS maternity
Cardigan, Pussycat (non-maternity)
Tights, Primark
Today's Daily Outfit is courtesy of Clare from Little Pink Teacup. Clare is currently 28 weeks pregnant with her second child. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

We're Going to Camp Bestival!

In a past life (that's pre-babies to you & me) I was an avid festival reveller. I went to every single one of them. Every single year. 

My absolute favourite was Bestival, on the Isle of Wight, and which always fell on my BFF's birthday, which of course meant we HAD to go. I loved that the weather was always amazing, it involved a proper road (and boat!) trip, it always had THE BEST line up and, most of all, that it was fancy dress!

This year I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about taking Daisy & Evie to their very first music festival, and I'm even more excited that it's going to be Camp Bestival! Yes, from 1-4 August, the entire Modern Mummy family will be camping in the beautiful surroundings of Lulworth Castle in Dorset and enjoying four days of music, literary and foodie wonderfulness. I'm most excited about seeing Richard Hawley, Tom Odell, I Am Kloot and Beardyman and Daisy is looking forward to Mr Tumble, The Gruffalo and the Fancy Dress Parade. But that's not all Camp Bestival has to offer, oh no. Just look at this line up!

The little sister of my beloved 'grown up' Bestival, Camp Bestival is the perfect festival for kids, with lots and lots and lots for them to see and do, and the best part is that all of the acts and activities have been picked so that us adults will enjoy them too. In fact, everything about Camp Bestival has been thought up with families in mind - from the whimsical, fairytale like decorations to the Baby Temple (for feeding and changing teeny tiny ones) to the huge selection of open-all-hours food stalls to the spectacular entertainment. This is the perfect introduction for kids into the festival way of life and tickets are available here.

The countdown is well and truly on! 52 days to go.... xoxox

DISCLAIMER: Camp Bestival have given us tickets in exchange for a review after the event.
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