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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

LittleLife Family Beach Shelter - A Review

One thing I'm known for is my love of the beach. That goes for chilly, pebbly British ones as well as the far away ones with white sand and warm, turquoise waters. 
I regularly take the girls on spontaneous day trips to the south coast, and over the years have put together quite a kit of beach essentials that I use both at home, and when we are abroad.

One thing that was missing was a beach tent - and when LittleLife very kindly offered me one to review, I jumped at the chance.

LittleLife are one of my favourite brands and we have quite a collection of their products already, including luggage, their famous toddler day sacks, lunch bags, swimming bags and towels. They have all proved to be very practical and very durable so I had no doubt that their family beach shelter would be of outstanding quality too.

LittleLife Beach Shelters are extremely lightweight (5lbs 8oz to be exact) and come in their own carry case with a shoulder strap. Their tiny size means they are perfect to fit into even the most over packed of cars - plus they can easily fit into luggage when jetting off to warmer climates! They are really simple to erect; it just requires the three high quality, shock-corded fibreglass poles to be put together, then threaded through the tent fabric before pinning the shelter to the ground with six tent pegs. It should, however, be noted though that on a blustery day it's definitely a two man job. I took the girls to the beach on my own the first time we used ours and didn't take the coastal breeze into account. In the end I had to employ the services of a rather handsome lifeguard in order to get it out and set up (and then a woman and her husband very kindly helped me to take it down again). 

The fabric of the tent is high quality and offers that all important protection from the suns rays (it is UPF 50 rated), which means they are the perfect place for a family to be during the hottest part of the day. And the whole family really will fit in there as they are HUGE (170 x 170 x 110 cm). The shelter is open-fronted and there is plenty of room to store your other beach paraphernalia as well as there being space for your little ones to keep out of the sun and play. There is even a zip-up door for extra privacy, which means you can use it as a changing area (no more hiding away behind a towel, trying to wriggle out of your swimming costume!) 

In the past I often looked at other people's beach shelters and longed for one - and now that I'm the proud owner of my very own I honestly have no idea how I managed to get by for so many years without one! They are, without doubt, an essential item for any beach going family and the LittleLife one in particular is a complete show stopper. It's sheer size, together with it's bold, contrasting colours and semi-geodesic design have caused lots of passers by to enquire about it.

It retails for £49.99 and is available from the LittleLife online shop here. xoxox



  1. I've been looking at beach shelters myself now we have a baby. Your review is very helpful. Looks like a great shelter.

  2. Could you let me know how big it is packed up? @playbythebook Thank you!

    1. Its in the car at the moment so will come back to you with exact measurements tomorrow but I'd estimate at 60cm long by 20cm wide/deep. It's really teeny tiny - have tweeted you too x


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