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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

LittleLife Ultralight Convertible S2 Back Carrier - A Review

I'm a babywearer.

Not in an in-your-face, hippy, preachy kind of way. I usually keep my opinions to myself, but on this occasion I am happy to share them with you all.... I think that babies should be held - and if they are happy being close to you then that is where they should be. I 'wore' Daisy from birth til toddlerhood and I planned to wear Evie too.

That is until she weighed in at 23lbs at 7months old (Daisy didn't hit 23lbs until she was almost two!) and I discovered that I was suffering from separated abdominal muscles and was advised not to carry her as much as I was.

After lengthy discussions with my GP and my physio, I was advised that if I wanted to continue to carry Evie, then to do so on my back was an option - but if I wanted my abs to heal, I had to stop wearing her on my front. Back carriers, I was informed by both, distribute the weight of your child onto your shoulders and hips - giving your back and your stomach muscles a break!

So I looked around at my back carrying options, and after much research decided that the LittleLife Ultralight Convertible S2 Back Carrier was the way forward! 

Why did I decide to give this particular carrier a go? 

- First of all, and most importantly, I love LittleLife. We have so many of their products at home so I know that they are a quality and trustworthy brand.
- It's suitable from 6 to 36 months so I know that Evie will get plenty of use out of it.
- It's a hybrid back carrier that doubles up as a back pack when your small person isn't in it! How handy is that?!! The back pack is accepted as hand luggage size on flights too.
- Even when baby is in it, it still has a large storage pocket for essentials, and toy loops to attach favoutite friends or things that could get lost in transit.
- The aluminium frame genuinely is ultralight - plus I think the whole thing looks really smart.

Although this is an ideal carrier for when you are out and about (I can't WAIT to take it to Camp Bestival!) it is also perfect for wearing around the house. As I already mentioned, Evie likes to be held and I like to have her close to me - so if she's happy in the back carrier whilst I'm pegging out the washing, then I'm happy too!

The best bit of all, though, is that this has been fully endorsed by my physio as being safe to wear with diastasis recti, so I know I am letting my body heal properly whilst still getting to carry my little chubber!

For more info on LittleLife products check out their website here. xoxox


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