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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Ultimate Summer Essential: The JJ Cole Picnic Blanket

If, like me, you enjoy nothing better than to be outside (especially in glorious weather like this!) then YOU NEED ONE OF THESE!

Last month we were sent the JJ Cole picnic blanket to review - and we have pretty much used it every day since it arrived.

It's big selling point, like a lot of picnic blankets out there, is that it folds up into a compact bag (which also has a detachable strap). However UNLIKE most other picnic blankets, this one has a sturdy sewn-in insert, and contrasting piping, which makes folding super easy. It used to take a few attempts to roll my old one up - in fact it was almost a two man job! - but that is now a problem of the past and it might not sound like a big deal, but being able to fold it up quickly and easily when it's hot and you're knackered and the kids are running off in opposite directions really does make a huge difference....

The JJ Cole blanket is much larger than any others I've seen - 5ft square in fact - which makes it big enough for the whole family - plus it's made from a durable and waterproof outer fabric (great for damp grass in slightly cooler weather), with a wipe clean inner lining which is perfect when little people make picnicky messes on it. Which happens a lot when you have children that are obsessed with houmous. It's also brilliant now that Evie has started to crawl, as it's slightly padded and so is super soft for her hands and knees. 

We opted for the multicoloured stripey lining, which has a grey and red exterior, and I'm totally in love with it.

It's small enough to fit in our stroller basket (or it can be hung from the handles) and it is so lightweight that you genuinely don't notice that it's there, even when you're carrying it on your shoulders. This is probably why it has been on so many outings with us! We just keep it in the basket so it's with us whenever we're away from home - and it really has proved to be super handy!  

It's been out for picnics in our local park, to Daisy's sports day, to Richmond Green to watch the cricket, to Legoland and to the beach - and we've been using it in our back garden too.

These blankets are also available in grey and green and retail at around £29.99. A summer must have for sure xoxox


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  1. That blanket looks fab, I might just have to get me one of them...


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