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Monday, 12 August 2013

Introducing the Vitamix Total Nutrition Center

Last Friday was a VERY exciting day in the Modern Mummy household. Obviously I had my wedding make up trial and Hen Do to look forward to the following day, but that's not what I'm talking about. Oh no. The reason for our unbelievable excitement (yes it extended to the whole family!) - and my desperation to leave London to get back to the sticks at an ungodly hour - was to be at home in time to sign for a package that I was expecting. Yes, we were being sent a VITAMIX TOTAL NUTRITION CENTER for review. Eeeeeep!

For a long, long time I've dreamt about the day a Vitamix would sit happily on my kitchen counter. I'm talking years. I adore food, and creating delicious, nutritious meals and snacks is a passion of mine. I've also been reading about, and experimenting with, eating raw for a long time and virtually every raw foodie I've ever met has a Vitamix as part of their kitchen kit.

When I saw the demonstrator on the Vitamix stand create hot {raw} soups, fresh ice creams, warm frothy coffees, delicious fresh juices and super boozy cocktails (ok I made that one up) at BritMums Live a couple of months ago my mind was made up. I NEEDED one of these machines!

As well as being food obsessed, I'm also an avid juicer. You all know that I'm sure! My trusty Dualit juicer is used every single day - and when I've wanted to make smoothies, or add non-juiceable veggies to my juices, I've used a handheld blender. But I've longed for a proper blender. A really good one. And now my wish has come true (albeit temporarily) as we have one on loan from Vitamix for the next four weeks!

The Vitamix machine isn't just a blender - it juices, cooks, grinds and freezes too! Without wanting to sound like I'm doing a massive sales pitch on you, this machine WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Fact. After just five days with one, this has already made a huge impact on the way I cook. In Vitamix's own words:

Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre® makes it quick and easy to eat whole foods in one great-tasting recipe after another. Plus, its impressive power from the commercial-quality motor, laser-cut stainless-steel blade design and precision-designed container makes light work of tearing down the cell walls of fruits and vegetables, making vital nutrients more readily available for your body to absorb. With a Vitamix machine, even the nutrient-packed peels, pulp and seeds can be pulverised and blended into recipes for some of the most health-protecting, disease-preventing dishes and drinks you've ever had.

They're expensive, there's no denying it, but once you start using one you will totally appreciate why. THEY DO EVERYTHING! And the best bit is they are virtually self cleaning too! 

My plan is to try out as many recipes as possible over the course of the next few weeks and of course, in the process, I will be sharing them all with you. A full list of all the recipes I publish will eventually be found under the Wellbeing tab at the top of this page. Exciting, non?

So for now I shall bid you adieu, for I am off to experiment with avocados xoxox



  1. Ha ha! I'm so glad they sent you one! That demonstration at BritMums was amazing. Have fun using it. xoxo

    1. I KNOW! I was loitering around the stand far too much ;) It's already part of the family.... am worried about having to give it up in a few weeks time. The courier that collects it might have to fight me for it!! xx

  2. Hi, i am jhohan smit. I have a ninja blender and am thinking of getting the vitamix, but before I do I want to know what model is best for green juices? I was thinking turboblend vs? Also what is the consistency later blending lots of veggies? I get lots of little chunks with my ninja blender.Thanks you so much............


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