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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

@VitamixUK Recipe: 30 Second Nutella Ice Cream

This morning* we experimented with our own Vitamix recipe for the first time. I was gagging to give ice cream a go but wanted to put my own spin on it. We're all addicted to Nutella in this house so we thought we'd try making Nutella Ice Cream.

*We had our cereal first ;)

One of my favourite things about the Vitamix is it's ability to make ice creams and sorbets. Most ice cream makers take around thirty minutes..... the Vitamix takes thirty SECONDS!

In fact this recipe takes less than 60 seconds from start to finish - no preparation {aside from flinging things into the jug} is required whatsoever.

And before you all gasp in horror at the ingredients, I know the Vitamix is all about eating well, but every now and again we all deserve a treat!

Preparation Time: 30 seconds
Vitamix Time: 30 seconds
Makes around a litre

300ml double cream (my bad!)
1x tsp vanilla extract
A whole {small} jar of nutella
Approx 3x as much ice as the total of the other ingredients - to get the consistency right the ratio for ice creams and sorbets is always 1x part ingredients to 3x parts ice!

What to do.
1. Put the ingredients into the Vitamix in the order listed.
2. Select VARIABLE, speed #1. Turn machine ON and quickly increase speed to #10; then to HIGH. 
3. Use the tamper tool to ensure all the ingredients blend and run for approx 30 seconds.
4. The sound of the motor will change and four peaks will start to form once the ice cream is ready but it will not take longer than 45 seconds. If you let it run for longer the ice will melt and your ice cream will become a milkshake!

When it's ready you'll be able to hold the jug upside down above your head and nothing will trickle out!

Serve quickly and use an ice cream scoop. Because Vitamix ice cream is so creamy it can be quite hard to get off of a normal spoon.  I have an OXO beak scoop which is perfect as it has a point which makes it super easy to move through both ice creams and sorbets!

Enjoy xoxox

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