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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Eight Pumpkin Carving Tips

Earlier this week I wrote about the benefits of including pumpkin in your diet, and gave you a couple of pretty delish recipes to boot. We all know that pumpkin carving is THE BEST part of Halloween - not only can you have some awesome fun being creative making spooky lanterns, you also get to cook with the remnants!

I love to go all out when it comes to decorating the house for Hallowe'en. We have spooky bunting, twinkly pumpkin fairy lights, rats, bats and skeletons that all come out of hiding for a few nights a year. And pumpkins are the most important decoration of all. This year I plan to line both windowsills outside our house with a row of them - and because I missed out on Hallowe'en last year (I was in labour with Evie!) I thought I ought to get some practice in beforehand.

Helloooooo Jack Skellington!

He looks a little lonely out there doesn't he? I need to make him some friends!

If any of you do a spot of pumpkin carving this Hallowe'en, please tweet me a pic! I'd love to see your creations. To help you along a bit, here are my top tips for doing a fantastic job:

1. Pick a good pumpkin. Think about how you are going to carve it before you decide on size - and take it's shape and markings into account.

2. Come up with a great design. Use Pinterest for inspiration and a template if you need to. Draw designs on with a felt tip pen (which can be easily wiped off if you make a mistake).

3. Don't waste your money on a pumpkin carving kit. A large knife, a paring knife and a metal spoon work just perfectly and are available in even the most basic kitchen.

4. Cut the lid at an angle with the outside larger than the inside to prevent it from falling inside when the pumpkin shrinks.

5. Scoop out the flesh and, once empty, continue to use the spoon to smooth out the inside walls.

6. When carving features, cut larger ones in sections and pop the pieces through to the inside of the pumpkin to remove them.

7. Cover the flesh inside with Vaseline to slow down the growth of mould and make your pumpkin last longer.

8. Use a seasonal scented candle instead of a plain tea light so that your house smells amazing! If you'd rather not use naked flames at all then try using a battery operated candle or a string of fairy lights wrapped round a jam jar. You could even use coloured glow sticks for something a bit different!

This is my entry to the Family Investments Pumpkin Carving Challenge. Wish me luck! xoxo



  1. Thank you for this post! I was wondering how to keep our pumpkins fresh and thanks to your tip No.7 I will be using Vaseline to coat our pumpkins. :-)


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