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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Five Ghoulish Games for a Frightful Halloween Children's Party

Evie REALLY happy to be dressed up as a bat for Halloween

The supermarket shelves are again bulging with bulbous orange vegetables. This can mean only one thing; Halloween is just around the corner. 

Trick or treating is the traditional activity on Halloween, but understandably many parents fear for their child’s safety. If you don’t want your children to miss out on all the fun this Halloween there are workarounds. With the October half term break falling, for many this year, right at the end of October it could be renamed the Halloween Break. We at Center Parcs have been suppliers of entertainment for both children and adults for 25 years and have a few Halloween tricks up our sleeve. We have created a list of our favourite five Halloween games. They are:

  1. Apple Bobbing – A classic Halloween pastime and simple to set up as well. All you need is a bucket or one of those plastic washing up bowls, some water and some apples. Easy. Fill the bowl with water and put some apples in. Have the children put their hands behind them and try to grab an apple in their mouths. The easiest way to do this is to push the apple right to the bottom and bite them, so have a towel on hand for little wet faces.

  1. Mummy Wrap – For this game you will need a lot of toilet or kitchen roll. Split the children into teams of two, one will be the mummy the other the wrapper. On the word go start some spooky music, the teams have to wrap their mummy as best they can. After a minute or so stop the music. The winner is the team with the best-wrapped mummy.

  1. Witches Cauldron – This fun game takes a little imagination on your part as well as the children. Buy some rubber spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlies. Add to this a sponge (an ogre’s tongue), some orange peel (troll skin), a shelled hard-boiled egg (a dragon’s eyeball) and a big saucepan (the witch’s cauldron). Put all the bits in the saucepan. Blindfold each child in turn and ask her to feel around in the cauldron for a particular item.

  1. Pick their brains – Cook up a big batch of all different types of pasta, drain and leave to cool completely. Put it in a big bowl and add some Ping-Pong balls, one for each child. On half the balls write ‘trick’ and on the other half write ‘treat’. Over the bowl put a tea towel with a slit in the middle. Ask each child to dig around in the brains for a surprise. Those who pick out treat get a chocolate or something similar whilst those that find trick have to do some sort of forfeit. Make it silly, such as pulling the scariest face they can.

  1. Graveyard Hunt – This game probably takes a bit more planning than most of the others. It will entail decorating your garden or even a sitting room, if pressed for outdoor space. Buy lots of that stretchable spiders web stuff, some pumpkins and all the ghosts and ghouls you can find in the local fancy dress shop. In and around the room or garden hide lots of little treats in the Jack-o’-lanterns or any other nooks and crannies you can find. Write up all the treats in a list and print off for all the kids. Send them scurrying around looking for all the treats they can find.

And with that we have all the pieces for a perfect Halloween party. The kids will have an amazing time and you needn’t be worried about them wandering the streets in the dark. But don’t forget, to make a truly convincing host, you will need to dress up yourself. And don’t try to cop out with the bed sheet with two holes in it; that fools no one. Let me know your party suggestions in the comments below. And a happy Halloween to you.

This is a guest post, published on behalf of Center Parcs.

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  1. Fab sounding games! I love the pasta one! We had fun apple bobbing but I didn't get much more creative than that...


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