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Monday, 16 December 2013

Clarks Childrens Shoes

Good old Clarks. They've been around for FOREVER haven't they? I remember my Mum getting my shoes from there as a child and now, thirty years later, it's the first place I go when looking for shoes for my girls too.

Earlier in the month we were asked to visit a store and review our shopping experience. We didn't need persuading - as regular customers it was a treat to be able to splash out on some new shoes! We headed off to the Westfield Stratford branch to get a pair of party shoes for Daisy and some winter boots for Evie.

 I'd never been to the Westfield store before and it was gorgeous - open, airy, well lit and very modern. Once inside, we were greeted by friendly staff which was lovely. I told the shop assistant that offered to help us what it was we were looking for and we were directed over to the children's section.

We'd had Evie's feet measured for her very first shoes at our local Clarks shop just a week before so knew the size she needed for her boots but Daisy needed a go on the measuring machine which is always very exciting! Although not related to this particular visit, I've got to say how special Clarks make the momentous event that is buying a child's first pair of shoes. Aside from the wonderful customer service in general, they take a photograph and give you a certificate too which I think is just lovely!

Back in Westfield, it was time for us to pick out some shoes.  I had already promised Daisy that she could choose her party shoes entirely by herself and, after telling the shop assistant this, he then proceeded to treat her like a grown up and help her look at the entire collection which she LOVED. She knew what she wanted - shiny shoes with lights in the heel, and chose a rather lovely pair of TrixiSweet T-bar shoes in patent berry leather. They were £32.00.

I actually bought Evie the same pair of boots that Daisy had two winters ago, and which are still immaculate but a little too big to hand down just yet. We opted for a new pair of Snugglefuns which were £38.00 - zip up brown suede boots with a furry trim which are utterly gorgeous! Turns out it's quite difficult to take a photo of a 13 month old actually standing still wearing boots.....

The sales assistant checked that the shoes fit both girls perfectly by feeling the toes, checking the tightness of the straps on Daisy's pair and making them skip, hop and jump around the shop.

We've always had fantastic experiences shopping at Clarks, which is why we keep going back. Our visit to Westfield was no different; staff were well trained, attentive and polite and we walked away very happy with our purchases indeed.

DISCLAIMER: We were given vouchers towards our purchase but all thoughts and comments are my own.


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