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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Last Minute Stocking Filler Ideas

Come on, own up. Who's as unorganised as me and has yet to start finish their Christmas shopping? I'm normally one of those smug people that has all their presents bought and wrapped before the end of November but this year has been different. The girls have been keeping me well and truly on my toes and work has been crazy busy plus we're babysitter-less out in Haslemere and shopping with littlies in tow is NO FUN. (Those are my excuses and I'm sticking to them).

But hands up who's heard of this amazing little thing called The Internet? You can email people and read newspapers and GO SHOPPING on it, all from the comfort of your own sofa. It's positively genius!

With a week to go until Christmas Day, I've put together a list of five pressies suitable for different members of the family, all available at from Internet Gift Store - a one stop Christmas (or any other) present shop, that sells quite literally EVERYTHING you could ever possibly need (and stuff you don't need but quite fancy too). 

For the man in your life.

I actually laughed out loud when I saw this. A Man Tin. For the unidentifiable bits of crap men leave dotted all over the house and refuse to throw away. (Please don't tell me mine is the only one that does this?!!)
For the mother in law.

Smellies. Standard. Yankee candles? Mega daughter-in-law brownie points. How about a super Christmassy scent like Red Apple Wreath? Or for something a little fresher, one of my favourites is Clean Cotton.

For the kid that has everything.

Everybody knows one and they are an utter pain in the butt to buy for. How about a character lunch bag? It will make going back to school in January a whole heap better! 

For your BFF.

What about these Orla Kiely herb pots. YES! ORLA KIELY HERB POTS!!!! How awesome would they look filled with green goodness on your window sill? I love them! Which leads me nicely onto.....

For yourself (hell you deserve a treat after all that shopping!).

As a huge campervan fan, this is just brilliant. I can't afford the real thing but this will make a bearable substitute for now.

Merry Christmas everyone - and good luck to anyone about to embark on some last minute shopping. May the force be with you! xoxo

This post has been written in association with Internet Gift Store.


  1. Love your choices! I have that Yankee candle and it smells gorge! x

  2. My mum got my husband the man tin in two sizes for Christmas and bought me two matching "stuff tins". We love them :-) x


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