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Friday, 6 December 2013

Making Gingerbread Houses with Sykes Cottages

This week, our friends at Sykes Cottages thought it would be fun to work out how much it would cost to build a life size gingerbread house! The total build cost, which included 1,700 packets of Betty Crocker's gingerbread mix, 300kg buttercream and 2,752 boiled sweets came to a whopping great £66,037.05! (You can view their full infographic here).

Daisy and I had great fun building our house. The kit was super simple to use - it contained everything you needed to make and decorate the house except for the white of one egg and some white vinegar/lemon juice. We didn't have either of the latter so did without and it worked out just fine.

We whisked the egg white and added the icing sugar to create the 'glue' and fixed all the pieces of house together, then used the enclosed piping bag to add some decoration. The whole process took about fifteen minutes, which is the perfect amount of time when working with a pre-schooler!

The outcome was smashing; I'd been in charge of the piping bag but Daisy had done all the decorating by herself. She was very proud of the outcome indeed! What do you think? 

Himself and I both agreed that a gingerbread house kit would make an awesome Christmas gift to encourage some festive family time xoxo

We were sent this kit from Lakeland (which was brilliant, and a bargain at only £12.99) in exchange for this post.

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