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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Poundland Christmas Review

Back in October, Poundland challenged us to have a Hallowe'en party on a £20 budget. We had a blast browsing all the goodies and frivolously filling up our shopping basket - and then we had an awesome party to boot!

This month we were given another £20 voucher to spend, but this time on Christmas products. We were encouraged to interpret this in whichever way we wanted, which was quite lucky as I have already got festive decorations and crockery coming out of my ears and feared the husband might divorce me if I brought home any more.

In store there was HEAPS to choose from - decorations, tablewares, sweets - but I chose to go down the unconventional route and spend my vouchers on wrapping paper, gift tags, sellotape, food storage and baking trays!

Sounds a bit daft but Christmas, to me, is all about gluttony and over indulgence. The new trays were bought specifically for heating up canapes on Christmas Eve and we always have a whole lot of leftovers which I like to box up and eat after Christmas Day! 

The gift wrap was SUCH a bargain - either three 3m rolls for £1 or a 10m roll for £1 and the quality is fantastic for the price. I also stocked up on essential sellotape (5 rolls for £1) and thirty gift tags.

Lastly I bought some chocolates as stocking fillers - Poundland is fabulous for branded food and sweet treats, as I discovered at Hallowe'en. 

All in all I left the store with four bulging bags, feeling decidedly pleased with myself for being sensible and buying stuff that will be used again and again. Christmas is such an expensive time of year as it is, it's brilliant that there are stores like Poundland that enable us to keep the costs down! xoxo

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