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Monday, 16 December 2013

Style Project: New Year, New You

Photo courtesy of Claudia Rose Carter

Earlier this year, I made a pact with myself to make an effort with my appearance every single day. 

At the time I had a six month old baby (and a three year old), I was sleep deprived, I was still carrying extra baby weight, my roots desperately needed doing. It was one of the coldest winters on record and I found myself spending most of my time hiding away indoors wearing hoodies, maternity leggings and UGGs and generally feeling horrible. I'd stopped wearing make up, I'd stopped washing my hair every day, I'd just lost the motivation to get up, get ready and get out there. 

I needed a makeover. Urgently. 

What I really wanted to do was run away to a juicing retreat for a fortnight (somewhere hot, obvs) so I could detoxify my body, get a tan and catch up on some much needed sleep, before flying back to London, jumping in a taxi to Harvey Nics and buying myself an entirely new designer wardrobe (after ceremoniously burning all the slummy mummy pieces of course). Sadly though, my SAHM (ie non-existent) salary meant I could afford neither, so instead I spent a couple of days feeling very sorry for myself indeed.

Then it suddenly hit me that I, and I alone, had the power to change things. There was no point being so self-indulgent and doing nothing. I could either stay in the (non) style rut I found myself in forevermore, or I could turn it all around and start to make an effort again. I opted for the latter.

I went through my whole wardrobe and gave away the things I wouldn't wear again. I kept a few basics and some of my favourites (even if they were a little tight!) and planned to slowly invest in new items, piece by piece, as and when my finances would allow it.

And that's exactly how I spent my 2013. Building up my new wardrobe, building up my confidence. Learning to love my new mama's body and discovering the styles that suit it. Rediscovering the contents of my make up bag and my love of beauty products, and making sure I got a little bit of me-time every week. Teaching myself to make worthwhile purchases instead of stupid, frivolous ones I'd regret, and finding new labels and products and ways of shopping that fit into my budget and my lifestyle.

These days, when it comes to clothes, the things that are important to me are practicality, comfort and affordability - but that doesn't mean I'm prepared to compromise style. I have a different body shape, a not-so-healthy bank balance and a lifestyle that means I'm on my feet for 95% of the day so yes, I've had to change the way I look at fashion, but I'm not prepared to give it all up forever and succumb to the stereotype of frumpy mum.

My resolution for 2014 is to try and encourage others to do the same. It might sound a bit shallow but it's amazing how different I feel about everything when I'm wearing mascara and have brushed my hair! I'm not talking about spanking a small fortune on designer clothes, I'm not talking about wearing ballgowns to do the school run - I'm talking about making small changes each and every day that will boost your self confidence and make you feel happy.

And so, after collaborating with Alice from An Essex Wife, the New Year New You Style Project was born - a daily prompt to encourage you to make a little effort which will, in turn, make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. It will work a little bit like this.....

Every month we will release a list of daily prompts which you should try and incorporate into your style on that day. By style we mean clothes, accessories and beauty. The prompt could be a colour, a pattern, a texture, a country, a product, anything. Its up to you how you interpret it. We could say 'Great Britain' and you might want to wear a Great British brand, or something red, white or blue. We could say 'sparkle' and you might want to wear a pair of sequined skinny trousers - or a glittery top coat on your nail varnish. We could say 'tan' and you might fancy treating yourself to a St Tropez - or you might have a pair of tan knee high boots at the back of the wardrobe you've needed an excuse to wear for ages. The change can be as big or as little as you feel comfortable with.

This isn't a linky, this isn't only open to other bloggers. Its for anyone out there that wants a little inspiration when it comes to style.

You don't have to take part every single day, you don't have to spend a fortune on new clothes and accessories.... The aim is to encourage you to take a look at what you've got, get together with your friends, raid each others wardrobes and bathroom cabinets, step out of your comfort zone and up the day-to-day glamour - whenever you feel like you need it.

You can take part on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest by taking a photograph and uploading it using the hashtag #NYNYstyleproject - and by searching that hashtag you can see other people's interpretations of the daily prompt and gain a whole lot of new ideas for your own style.

January's prompts will be released just before Christmas. If one of your resolutions is to start looking after yourself and you fancy injecting a bit of glamour into your life then we really hope you'll join in xoxo


  1. Oh that sounds like fun - I've got two versions of me at the moment, the work one which is very corporate and the Mummy one which is jeans and the nearest clean(ish) top! Sounds like a little inspiration might just be a good thing!

  2. This is a brilliant idea! I've been trying to (and blogging about) being an anti-slummy mummy (am not sure how I feel about the term yummy mummy) and really trying to make an effort even though I still look pregnant 6 months on!
    Will definitely try and join in as much as possible!

    Lauren | Belle du Brighton, a Parenting & Lifestyle blog

  3. Well done and Good Luck! I'm a bit pants with daily prompts so maybe this will entice me! Vx

  4. I love this idea! How do we join :)

  5. As above - great idea how do I join/subscribe? You describe me to a tee! As a total fashion thicko I would love to see pics of the kind of thing you buy and where it is from. I find shopping overwhelming and never know where to try. Good luck.

  6. I love challenges like this and I know the ladies on Avenue 57 will too - I have shared this list and we will all post daily in support of your challenge



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