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Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014: Time to get Crafty

One thing I've come to realise during the holidays is that my big girlie LOVES to be creative. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed she is constantly writing and drawing, and when we're out and about she loves to collect bits and pieces that she can cut and stick and make something out of when we get home. She is most certainly her mother's daughter as I, too, love to write and to be crafty and am also a bit partial to hoarding collecting things to use in a crafty project at a later date.

I've decided that this year I'm going to encourage Daisy's creativity by having a bit of Mummy/daughter arts and crafts time every week, and thankfully my addiction to Pinterest means I have tonnes of ideas of things for us to do together over the coming months.

The January sales are the perfect time to build up a craft supplies box and I've been looking at the Crafters Companion website for some brilliant bargains. Pens, paper, glues and embellishments are all craft essentials and I love having a box full to bursting of them for impromptu rainy day activities with the kids. I have amassed a pretty impressive collection of pom poms and sequins and stickers and googly eyes and washi tape. We also collect loo rolls, lolly pop sticks, boxes, buttons, scraps of material and ribbons so there's never a shortage of bits and pieces to make things out of.

First on my list of things to make is a huge cardboard rocket! We have two big boxes saved from Christmas that will be perfect for this, and with the bad weather that is forecast for the next few weeks, now is the perfect time to start a project that may take a while and will give hours of fun once it's made! I also want us to make some Valentine's cards together plus, with Easter coming up, we can make some home made decorations for our Easter tree.

Arts and crafts are so much fun - and also a brilliant way to encourage imagination and to help children develop new skills. It's the perfect way to learn about colours (mixing up paints to make new colours is awesome) and a great opportunity to discover different crafty techniques as well as teaching virtues like patience (waiting for paint or glue to dry, for example). I can't wait to get started! xoxo

This post has been written in association with Crafters Companion.

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